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Girassol's 10th Anniversary

By Sharon Thompson

Matt 5v 16 … let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

It is with rejoicing that Girassol TLC charity shop celebrates its 10th Anniversary. OMS missionaries Melvin and Sharon Kelly had the vision to pioneer a way to reach out with the transforming message of the gospel in Antrim, while raising funds for ministries in Mozambique; and so the shop opened in May 2009. The shop now has around 40 volunteers, who love Jesus their Saviour and desire to share Him with others; serving in Antrim and partnering with Mozambican believers and missionaries.

Financially Girassol supports missionaries serving in Mozambique, funds Bible Seminary training, CAM school scholarships, pays wheelchair technicians in the Helping Hands ministry workshop, finances audio Bibles, and provides aid for families in need. These ministries are all supported by the Girassol prayer group, prayerful devotions in the shop daily, and the Girassol WhatsApp Prayerline. Prayer is the foundation for all we do.

There are many stories of how Girassol helps bless individuals. One of these precious people is Constantino; who Melvin met and brought to church in Khongolote. Through hearing the Gospel, the Holy Spirit worked in Constantino’s life to bring him to Christ. He was baptised last Easter and is learning to play the keyboard in church. Constantino now works adapting wheelchairs in the Girassol funded Helping Hands workshop. He travels 6km each way to work in a wheelchair powered by his hands.

The 10th Anniversary of Girassol’s ministry is being celebrated through several events. Two of these have already taken place; a Volunteers Breakfast (which was blessed by Melvin being able to attend) and a Girassol Praise Night in partnership with Coaching4Christ, lifting high Jesus’ name for all His goodness.

What can you pray for?

1. God given wisdom and direction in our 11th year

2. many to hear the gospel and be brought to salvation in our own land as we partner with Coaching4Christ and the Gideon’s and build relationships through the shop

4. our prayer ministry to go from strength to strength

5. the other events planned in the coming months to impact many to join our Girassol family and accomplish much for eternity

6. that God would be glorified in all we do

We would love to welcome you to Girassol! Pop in to see us at 69 Church Street, Antrim.

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