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In OMS UK there are many ongoing activities and opportunities to fill. It is opportune though to pause and consider, why do we do what we do?


Our vision is to see the Gospel taken to unreached people groups across the world. In his recent vision statement at our US headquarters for the future of OMS, our President shared that he would like to see OMS touch an additional 1 billion souls, at least on one occasion, with the Gospel message over the next ten years. To reach 1 billion people will take heavenly intervention and direction, as well as godly wisdom to plan and carry out the steps to take it forward. This can be done through increasing our current partnership base with like-minded groups and by reaching out to churches and denominations in new countries where OMS is currently under-represented.

For the UK this brings additional challenges, and for us to be a part we need to bring in additional Regional Directors to reach out across the UK as well as recruit more missionaries to serve. It also means that we will be partnering with fledgling and/or possibly dwindling churches across the UK to reach out to specific communities and cultural groups, for example to the Spanish-speaking community in London.

These areas are but examples of our aim to achieve the vision of making the Gospel message known. Our UK strategic focus of, for example, raising up additional prayer groups, missionaries and supporting churches, remains firmly in place and is currently being reviewed. As we attempt to achieve our vision, we value your prayers as we strive together in our work: prayer to have our posts filled, prayer to partner together in the UK, prayer that God will provide additional missionaries to minister at home and abroad. Can we ask that our vision would become your vision as we labour together? This is to achieve not only the challenge of reaching out to 1 billion new individuals at home and abroad, but to also cross cultural, ethnic and religious boundaries in an effective way.

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