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One Mission Society seeks to unite, inspire and equip a nation’s people to lead and multiply their churches through the love and life of Jesus Christ. Below you can read more details about the core beliefs of OMS.

The full and unique inspiration of the Holy Bible as the divine Word of God, the only infallible, sufficient, and authoritative rule of faith and practice.

  • One God, eternally existent in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

  • Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, His sinless life, His vicarious death, His bodily resurrection, His ascension, His mediatorial intercession, and personal pre-millennial second coming in power and glory.

  • The fall of man, his moral depravity, and the necessity of the new birth.

  • Substitutionary atonement through the shed blood of Christ.

  • Justification by faith through regeneration by the Holy Spirit.

  • Sanctification by faith (the infilling of the Spirit) subsequent to regeneration, wrought by the Holy Spirit in the act of total commitment, resulting in purity of heart and provision of power for holy living and service.

  • Security of the believer in vital fellowship with Christ.

  • Resurrection of the body unto eternal life for the saved, and unto eternal punishment for the lost.

  • Spiritual unity of all the believers who comprise the Church, the Body of Christ.


One Mission Society was founded on the principle that the most effective way to share Christ is by training a nation’s people to lead and multiply their churches. These principles, along with enabling ministries and compassion ministries, are the basis of our dynamic four-fold focus:

Intentional Evangelism: We become vessels of Christ, leading people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus, and then, we ensure that each person is discipled.

Planting Churches: We encourage, empower and support new believers to form vital, thriving and life-changing churches.

Training Leaders: We equip leaders in our training centres and seminaries worldwide so the future leaders of the national churches will be from within that country.

Forming Strategic Partnerships: We show the world that Christians are united to spread the Gospel by working together with other mission organisations, ministries and churches in the countries we serve.

Find out about our beliefs and how they shape how we work for God's glory...

Our Beliefs

Our Vision

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Our History

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Our Missionaries

Find out more about who is part of OMSUK and the ministries that we are involved in...

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