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Ecuador Emergency Project


COVID-19 Urgent Emergency Help for Loja Ecuador

Purpose: To provide donations to help alleviate the economic effects of COVID-19 lockdown on the BCC church in Loja and provide food parcels for needy members, their families and neighbours.

Situation: Ecuador has been under strict lockdown over 8 weeks due to COVID-19. Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador, has had a very high infection rate (11 207 confirmed cases* with many more untested) and shockingly high number of deaths. There have been 2 905 deaths nationally including confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19. However, in 2 months there have been 7 000+ deaths over the typical average death rate in Guayaquil alone, so the data only gives an inkling of the reality. The COVID-19 situation in Loja has not been as severe as in other places in Ecuador. Confirmed cases in Loja City have steadily risen to 165 cases and a total of 12 deaths in the Province*. Sadly, this includes a grandparent of boys who participated in the Football Outreach. Mark and Nube Vogan and other church members met their family. The Vogans’ home and BC-C ministry centre are between the two most infected areas of the city, which have 75% of confirmed cases.

Local need: The whole country has been on extended lockdown and curfew so most businesses are closed, some workers are being laid off and day-labourers do not have work. The lockdown and effects are set to continue about 3 months or more.
Hunger is already widespread, poor families in urban areas have finished their food and any savings, so many are desperately asking for help. One lady said she only had four green bananas left.

Help: Please donate to this emergency fund to help for the church and needy families in Loja´s marginal neighbourhoods.

Part of the Vogan Integrative Ministries Project 407981 with the Biblical Christian-Community (BC-C) Church in Chontacruz, Loja.

*Official data on 6 May 2020


Ecuador Emergency Project

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