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CAM Christian International School


Your financial support will go towards providing student scholarships for Mozambican children to receive quality education in a Christian setting.

CAM is an international, English-medium, K-12 Christian school. The main purpose is to use high quality Christ-centred education to transform the hearts of students, families and staff members. They do this by building Christian character, critical thinkers and global citizens, while practicing the fruit of the spirit, and making sure that excellence, servanthood and care are at the heart of all school activities and tasks.

CAM School was the first OMS ministry in Mozambique in 1996. It started on the 12th September with 12 missionary kids and over the years has grown to the 2017-2018 school year ending with 109 students. In January 2011 they purchased property in Machava and began building a school. In August 2011 the school moved to its new location. In 2013 four more classrooms were built and in 2014-15 an auditorium was built with a basketball court, library, kitchen, science lab, music room, conference room and drama stage. This now means they have enough room for 195+ students and plenty of playground space for sports and activities.

With 13 levels of classes and 18 nationalities represented in the school, it truly is an international school. Christian Academy in Mozambique (CAM) is a Christian International school. They teach using a variety of curriculum including A Beka Bible based curriculum, ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International), Oxford, and a variety of other materials. CAM is an academic school and when students graduate they are ready to apply to university.


CAM Christian International School

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