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about the FIELD

Mexico, bordered by the USA in the north and Guatemala in the south is the largest Spanish speaking country in the world. With approximately 140 million inhabitants, Mexico City, where OMS Mexico is based, is probably the 5th largest city in the world with over 25 million inhabitants. The government elected in 2018 is seeking to revitalise and reform the country which is one of the big challenges the country faces.


OMS, alongside other missionary organisations, are making a difference. This work may appear small initially, but like the mustard seed as it grows a huge harvest can be realised. Opportunities exist for personal evangelism, church planting and development, and Bible seminary teaching. Preparing future Christian leaders and pastors is a core value of OMS.


Extreme poverty and long standing traditions of drugs and gang control have scarred Mexico’s history but God’s presence brings light. The thirst for the Gospel is clear, the need for His love and grace is both vitally important and urgent.


Bible-believing churches are growing, mostly in the cities, making up about 5-8 % of the population. Traditionalism, materialism and ‘self-worth’ appear to hold more attraction than preparing for eternity.


House churches are growing too, as well as Bible studies in the communities. People are looking now, more than ever, to study the Word of God. This is exciting! Amidst all the bad news and hopelessness, people are now looking for answers to life and death, etc. 


OMS Mexico is involved within Church Planting, Bible Seminary and a Christian Ministry called MEFI, saving street children from a life of drugs, prostitution and abuse.



Leslie & Brenda


OMS UK Area Representative for Northern Ireland (Leslie) UK Personnel (Brenda)





Proyecto MEFI (Mercy, Esperanza (hope), Faith, and Integration) plays off the name "Mephibosheth" from 2nd Samuel 9. MEFI is a ministry aimed at saving street children from a life of drugs, prostitution and abuse.


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