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Mission Possible brings much-needed love, food, shelter and care to children who are, or could be at risk of becoming, abandoned Street Children in Bogota, Colombia.

We share God’s love and compassion to children and their families who live in areas of extreme poverty and who are subject to a life of hunger, crime, abuse, despair and rejection.

Mission Possible funds the day to day running costs of two separate residential homes. Hope House 1 and Hope House 2 are for boys and girls who have been totally abandoned on the streets or may become at risk of abandonment.


A residential care home in the centre of Bogota for boys from age 5 upwards. Some of the boys are rescued from the horrors of a life spent wandering the streets, all alone and subject to all sorts of horrible abuse.


A residential home giving accommodation for up to 12 girls. The girls living here are provided with a safe environment, getting them off the streets where they could be subject to abuse.



In the very poor district of Juan Rey, Bogota, Mission Possible funds a project where children receive nutritious food, learn important life skills and are taught about the love of Jesus.

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Pray for the leadership and team at both Hope House 1 & 2 and Juan Rey as they serve in this difficult period due to COVID -19.

Pray for the children that they may know much of Jesus love.

Pray that God will meet the need for the project's budgets.



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