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Carl & Heidi




Carl and Heidi Walton began their missionary career with One Mission Society in 1994. They served in Haiti during their first term. Carl was Field Treasurer and Heidi worked in the OMS medical clinic. The OMS office in Manchester, provided their next opportunity for service. Carl served as Treasurer, and he took several trips to India to assist the Evangelical Church of India in their financial needs. Heidi was Personnel Officer. They served in these roles for nearly six years. The Waltons next opportunity lay in the Philippines, where they worked closely with Every Community for Christ evangelism and church planting teams, and with OMS church pastors. In 2006 they moved to the OMS World Headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana. Currently, Carl is responsible for payroll, and Heidi serves as the President’s Administrative Professional. The Waltons have four adult children and four grandchildren.


Carl & Heidi

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