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Jonny & Julie



Church Planting

Jonny and Julie Pollock and their family currently serve God through One Mission Society, partnering with Calvary Mission, in the west of Ireland. Julie was raised in Northern Ireland and came to faith in Christ as a young girl and from an early age demonstrated a passion and burden for missions. This led to involvement in many Christian endeavors and mission trips to Brazil, Kenya, and Hungary. Jonny is from Belfast and came to faith when he was 21. He was antagonistic to the Gospel, Christians, and God, yet he was gloriously saved after being given a Bible to read while at university. They both trained, qualified, and worked as nurses through Queen’s University Belfast. Their first missionary involvement was with an OMS team to Mexico in 2006, and following that, they felt led by God to serve in Mexico with OMS for a one-year term. After returning home to have their first child, Benjamin, in 2008, they returned to Mexico for a further period of service. Returning home in 2009, Jonny pastored a church in North Belfast, and Julie returned to work. They welcomed two more sons, Joshua in 2010 and Caleb in 2013. One of their great burdens is to share God’s Word with people who have little or no access to the Gospel, something which has since led to a passion for the Republic Of Ireland. They have been serving God in Ireland with Calvary Mission since June 2015 and are involved in planting a new church in the town of Loughrea, County Galway, and the training of Irish believers to further the work of God in Ireland.


Jonny & Julie

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