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Storley & Kate



Radio Ministry

Storly, Kate, Hannah and Esther have been supporting the Haitian people for more than 18 years. Storly is the station manager at Radio 4VEH. He presents several programmes, including daily 15-minute Bible reading Bib la an Ayisyen, Sunday morning devotional Cascades. He is also the Creole producer for TWR’s Thru The Bible 5-year bible study radio series (by J. Vernon McGee). Kate serves as Marketing & Communications director for 4VEH, and for the Resounding Hope solar radios initiative. Through stories, photos, speaking engagements, newsletters, websites, social media and more, she leads fundraising efforts, shares prayer requests and praises, and reports back to supporters on how people are being drawn to Jesus through the radio ministry. And Hannah and Esther share their joy and passion for life with everyone, getting involved in radio stuff as much as they can, learning and sharing their own versions of the stories they hear. They make great spokespeople for the ministry! You can keep up with the latest news about the 4VEH Ministry by visiting and the Solar Radio Project by visiting


Storley & Kate

Prayer LEtter

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