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Chris & Eddy



Church Planting

The one call to make disciples of all nations eventually brought Chris and Eddy back to Belgium, from where they originally came. Their missionary journey started in 1984 in Holland with Healthcare Christian Fellowship (HCFI), a mission which focusses on evangelising healthcare professionals. There they served at the European HQ of the mission until, in 1990, they moved to England where they worked for over 15 years, partly to pursue theological and mission studies in London. From 2006 to 2011, Eddy served as an OMS missionary in Madrid, teaching at SEUT, one of the few Protestant Bible Colleges in Spain. In 2011 they moved back to Belgium in order to care for Chris’ ill mother. Eddy continues his ministry within the remit of OMS as the People Group Director for Belgium. It was God’s timely provision, when returning to their home country after living abroad for 27 years, to place them in a Spanish-speaking church in Ghent. Not only had they mastered the Spanish language when in Spain, most of the church members come from Latin-America, a Castilian variant which is more easily understandable than the Spanish spoken in Madrid. Now, both Chris and Eddy serve as pastors of this church. Their vision to see Christians mature in discipleship hasn’t changed since their stay in Spain. It has found a very specific application within the open and needy immigrant Latino communities in Belgium. In line with the OMS Across Europe vision, they are working towards multiplying Christian witness within these communities using the Antioch vision, a model first practised in Antioch where Christians originating from different cultural backgrounds managed to worship together in unity. All of the services are conducted in two languages: Spanish and Dutch. As people from Brazil join their numbers, songs in Portuguese feature as well. Chris continues to work with HCFI at a national and international level. Nationally, her task is to promote the HCF vision across the healthcare fields of Belgium. She is now also heading the special task force of the Evangelical Alliance of Flanders to counter the increasing slide towards legalising euthanasia in this country. Internationally she serves as a training and development consultant for the mission. Eddy in turn functions as the theology consultant for HCFI. In this way, in the lives and ministries of Eddy and Chris, two missions, OMS and HCFI have come together.


Chris & Eddy

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