Men for Missions (MFM)

mfm-logoMen for Missions International (MFMI), the layman’s voice of OMS, is a dynamic movement through which men and women from varied church affiliations and all walks of life can have the opportunity to use their personal skills and abilities in practical, direct missionary activities.

You can become a member of a work team, engaged in practical ministry helping to build or repair churches, clinics, mission homes or schools at home in the UK or abroad. You can also join an evangelistic team or, if you prefer, an intercessor team designed to give an opportunity to see missions is action, where intercessory prayer is the focus.

MFMI is a global organisation and to find out more check out their web site at: If you are interested in joining a MFM team please contact Trevor Morrow <> or telephone the Belfast Office on 028 9065 2040.

Click here to watch the team in action building Homes for Haiti.