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Praying for the De-escalation of War

Ukraine and its people urgently need prayer. Ukraine is 1 of 75 nations where One Mission Society (OMS) serves around the world.

On Wednesday night, February 23, Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv heard the first explosions as Russia launched an attack on Ukraine. This is the largest European invasion since WWII. OMS has five family units ministering in Ukraine. Four of those, who serve in Kyiv, were safely evacuated to Hungary and the UK in late January. The other couple resides in Lviv in western Ukraine. They are currently safe and monitoring the situation carefully.

OMS asks for prayer that the situation deescalates with no more loss of life. Additionally, we ask people to pray specifically for our OMS missionaries, national coworkers, and friends across the nation.

Join us now and in the coming days, in prayer.

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