young-adults3This year’s Young Adults weekend was another challenging and encouraging time, jam-packed full of reports from the field, fellowship and time spent studying God’s Word. This year, we were joined by three young adults from West Cork who came up to lead us in worship. They were talented musicians and led creatively, praising God for the work He has done in our own lives and on the mission field. It was great to be joined with believers from Ireland and to spread the work of OMS to others. There were various reports from the mission field, and from short-term trips from the past year, including Haiti, Croagh Patrick and Hungary.
young-adultsWe were challenged by our guest speaker, Randy Marshall, Field Director, Ukraine, who shared from God’s Word. He spoke about new challenges and insights from familiar passages in Scripture, focusing on the well-known small man Zacchaeus, Gideon and the ‘superman’ of Scripture – the Apostle Paul. We were encouraged to live lives that are so full of Christ that we should overflow to all around us; to be so full of love for Him and the people around us that it changes lives. We left the weekend with the renewed knowledge that even though we are weak people, we have a God Who is all-powerful, Who chooses to use us. What a thought!
The weekend ended with a true Ukrainian English Camp experience, which involved energetic routines, discussion groups and a competitive game of Pictionary!
It was a great weekend, as always, full of good food, fun and fellowship. But most importantly, it was an opportunity to hear from God’s Word, to be challenged by Him and to spend time in prayer for those in our world who are still in darkness, and for those who are being the light in those areas.
Emily Coulter

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