Mozambique is a land of great need and opportunity. It was a Portuguese colony until 1975 when the people gained independence, however they continued to suffer severely from civil war until the early 90’s. Today, people in Mozambique still struggle as a result of the war, poverty and injustice. Approximately 1.6 million Mozambicans are living with HIV, more than 90,000 of them are children. There are 1.6 million orphans. 1 in 10 children die before they reach their 5th birthday. People with special needs, especially those with physical limitations, are among the most vulnerable groups. These are just some of the challenges.

The Kelly family – OMS missionaries in Mozambique

Kelly FamilyTheir vision is to empower the Mozambican church to reach out into their communities with the transforming message of the Gospel. Integral to their ministry is helping Mozambicans develop sustainable holistic compassionate outreach. Their prayer is that God’s Kingdom will come & His will be done in Mozambique. They set up the Girassol Charity Shop in Antrim, Northern Ireland to support initiatives in Mozambique including the Helping Hands project. The fundamental motivation is to encourage one another to love God and love others (Matthew 22v36-40) both locally and in the country of Mozambique. The shop provides a great opportunity for local believers to be involved in the church’s missional task in a practical and meaningful way. It operates under the umbrella of registered charity TLC – Transforming Lives and Communities. To find out more about how Girassol is helping to transform lives please visit the charity website here. You can follow the Kelly family blog here.

“Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

Are you interested in joining a two week team to Mozambique? Each year we are planning to have a team come to Mozambique specifically to serve practically and spiritually in Helping Hands ministry among those living with disability. If you would like more information please contact us.