Information about OMS Missionaries who are working here is coming soon.


In Mexico City, many children and young people live on the streets, not having a home to go to. Not only do these children and young people not have a place to get out of the rain during the wet season or the chilly nights that the high altitude of Mexico City experience, they have to scrounge for food and protect themselves from violence from older children and adults.

MEFI works with the local church to show mercy, share hope, cultivate faith and teach skills for integration among the homeless children and young people of Mexico City. Representing four Spanish words, this acronym tells what MEFI tries to accomplish:

  • Misericordia (Mercy)
  • Esperanza (Hope)
  • Fe (Faith)
  • Integracion (Integration)

This ministry utilises four programs to help meet its goals: a proactive ministry, street-outreach ministry, a drop-in center and a rehab and integration program. All four of these ministries work together to help children and young people get off and stay off the streets, and each child is also given a Gospel presentation, which is the only true hope they have.