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shopOMS Northern Ireland are pleased to announce an exciting new venture in Portglenone Co Antrim.
Over the past ten years, Mission Possible, under the leadership of Joe and Sadie Law, ran a charity shop in Portglenone. The purpose of the charity shop was to fulfil the desire to see as many as possible of the ‘Street Children’ of Bogota, Colombia helped in their plight and given a better and sustainable life.
From 31st May 2016, the charity shop duties have been handed over to One Mission Society to allow Joe and Sadie to concentrate fully on other fundraising activities which support their projects in Colombia. All of the projects that Mission Possible support in Colombia are One Mission Society related.
The ‘OMS Portglenone Charity Shop’ provides opportunities for local Christians to be ‘salt and light’ at home and to continue to provide support for the Mission Possible work in Colombia, as well several other OMS projects in Haiti and Ireland.
There is a current need for volunteers to help out in various roles in the shop. These include:


Helen Arrell & Betty Marks

Helen Arrell & Betty Marks

If you could spare a few hours each week to help at the shop please contact:
Helen Arrell (Shop Manager), Tel No: 028 25821619 or Mob No: 07787421335 or why not drop into the shop at 44 Main Street Portglenone
We also welcome all relevant products/donations for the shop, including bricabrac, jewellery, and household furniture. We have a collection service for large items.



Pray for those preparing to serve overseas this Summer:

Ukraine English Camp – Camp 1 (July 10-31) & Camp 2 (July 31-August 13)
Camp 2 – David & Nastya from Ballyclare, N.Ireland

South Korea English Camp, plus refugee ministry (July 12-August 8)
Scott from Belfast N.Ireland

Hungary English Camp (July 20-August)
Scott Moore, Minister of Dervock Presbyterian Church (Leader)
(Belfast) Lorna (Port Stewart) and Robert from Lisburn, N.Ireland 

Gilbert from Bainbridge, N.Ireland and Clare from West Lothian, Scotland

Haiti Team (12-23 August)
Dean from Ballygawley (Leader), Bethany (Ballygawley), Phoebe (Newtonards) & Lewis (Bangor) N.Ireland

and for those on individual placements:
Hannah and Ross, both from University of Bath, serving in Ecuador from early August
Dan & Sharon from Chippenham, serving in Haiti in September



“Thank you so very much for participating in advancing the Gospel in Russia!”

Ivan1Ivan Beshlyaga is a student at Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary (MECS) in Russia. Here’s his testimony:

“The church that the Lord helped me plant in Nizhny Novgorod (a city of 1.5 million people, 250 miles East of Moscow) and is doing great! Each Sunday, about 50 come to worship. We have three Sunday school classes after each service: one for kids, one for new converts, and one for those preparing for church membership and baptism. On Mondays, we have our leadership team meeting. On Tuesdays, our cell groups meet in homes. On Wednesdays through Fridays, we are devoted to our Bible school studies (to prepare church members for mission work in other towns and villages). And on Saturdays, we have our Youth Club and evangelism, (we actually do evangelism every single day of the week.)

“The seminary teaches me a lot for ministry. I am currently working on my thesis.

Ivan2Natasha, my wife in purple, is now also a student at MECS, studying counseling, as well as being six months pregnant with our third daughter. I covet your prayers with her doing it all simultaneously, studying at the seminary and taking care of our family and the church. But I am excited that we will soon be able to minister together as a team.

“Our studies at the Moscow Seminary are only possible through your help, my dear coworkers in Christ. I am thankful. And I want you to know that your investment in me pays back in the form of souls of Russians being saved by Jesus Christ the Lord.”
To read more about the Seminary, or to make a donation click here
Ivan 3




Sponsored walk2A Men for Missions/OMS 17 mile sponsored walk from Crickhowell to Brecon, along the canal, took place on Saturday, June 18.
Clive Beven, Men for Missions, West Gwent and Chris Palmer, OMS Wales & West, completed the walk to raise funds for a new library computer for an OMS Bible college in the South Pacific; this is in a country where Christianity is a minority faith, with little financial support for OMS colleges.
S.Pacific-Bible-CollegeIf you are interested in supporting this ministry, please send donations to OMS HQ in Manchester for `Wales Sponsored Walk’. Donations can also be made on our website at https://www.give.net/omsinternational




AgustinIn July last year, Agustín, 26, left prison after 6 years. Most of his life was spent without hope or dreams for his future (he had lived on the streets of Mexico since he was a young boy). However, after he left prison and began to come to MEFI a new hope started to grow in him. He was put into prison after an injustice, which prevented him from seeing his three children. Life in prison was not easy; he suffered abuse, mistreatment, and poor nutrition, amongst other things. However, one thing he said he’ll never forget is when he learnt about new life in Jesus Christ. This was the main thing that kept him going in prison – he knew that only with God’s help would he come out the other end. When the morning came for him to leave and he had nowhere to go, he did not know what he would do with his life. He considered going to see his daughters, but he knew he ran the risk of having family members turning on him, and then he remembered MEFI.
Alex and Paty had known him from before the drop-in centre was set up. In fact Agustín helped during this time to clean up the old building that would become the drop-in centre. It was encouraging to learn he had not forgotten about MEFI. So just one day after his release he walked in to the drop-in centre and Alex and Paty instantly recognised him. Only now there was a new desire in his heart to restart his life, find work, and return to his daughters. These were all wonderful desires, but he knew the
only way he could do this was with the help of God, and this is why he came back to MEFI.





Immediately he asked the team for help and counsel. Alex especially was a great help to him, and three months later we could see the huge and genuine work God was doing in his life. After a while he found work and each time temptations came God helped him not to fall, but to move forward.
MEFI played a big part in his spiritual formation and now he’s a different person. His job is going well, he is renting a room and continues to grow. We had the opportunity to see him again over Christmas and we thank God that his confidence and faith remains the same. Although he isn’t able to continue his discipleship at MEFI, we ask for you to pray with us for God to continue to do great things in his life.
For us, this is a testimony that encourages us to see how over the years MEFI has impacted lives and to see that God is at work in them (even when we are no longer in contact). We know that God wants to continue to use us in His work in the lives of young people on the streets of Mexico, and He has put this desire in our hearts.
Testimony written by Josué Carreón
Therefore, as it is written: “Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.” 1 Cor. 1: 31.
To find out more about MEFI and how you can support this ministry, visit www.mefi.co



Recently, some friends and I had the incredible opportunity to be together on a short mission trip to Haiti. My husband and I are missionaries with One Mission Society; we had served in Haiti in the ‘90s, but had only returned once in the intervening years. I was excited to return again, especially with my friends!
One Mission Society has several ministries in Haiti. One of them is a radio station, Radio 4VEH. radioWhen we lived in Haiti, pre-tuned solar radios were being distributed. Ever increasing technology advancements have now made it possible for a smaller solar radio to include an audio New Testament in Creole in response to the high rate of illiteracy. Daily, these radios broadcast life-changing programming which give Haitians continuous access to the Gospel, prayer, worship music, discipleship and most importantly – hope!
Resounding Hope coordinates the distribution process. Teams from all over the world join local Haitian Christians in presenting the Gospel face-to-face whilst handing out the radios.

Heidi 1On a very warm and humid Sunday afternoon, my friends and I joined a Haitian ladies’ church group as we made our way through a rural village. At one hut, we stopped to visit with a young woman seated outside on a wooden chair surrounded by her young, scantily dressed children. As the Gospel was shared with her, she accepted Jesus as her Saviour! Her children were immediately interested in the new radio she was given.

Heidi 2We continued along the dirt path to a small house. An elderly woman, crippled by arthritis and unable to attend church, was seated on her front porch. She is a Believer and was absolutely thrilled to receive a radio. We found a similar opportunity at another hut, when an elderly blind woman was carried outside by her son. She, too, had been unable to attend church for several months and was overjoyed to receive something so small which would give her so much encouragement and hope in the coming days.

Heidi 3The village’s huts and houses are located in fairly close proximity. Our team observed that as the instructions were being given for the radios, there were several interested onlookers. And, since most of village life exists out-of-doors, we knew those ‘onlookers’ were future listeners and, by God’s grace, future Believers.
Prayerfully consider how you could become involved – sponsoring radios or joining a team to deliver life-giving hope in person! It’s an experience my friends and I will always treasure.

Heidi Walton

Heidi Walton






mantaOn April 16, 2016, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the northwest region of Ecuador, and hundreds of lives have been lost as a consequence.

Please partner with us in prayer for this land, and join us in providing whatever support you feel led to give to the disaster appeal.  To read more about the Appeal click here
To give via our website, go to https://www.give.net/omsinternational and quote Project Account # 402070 (Emergency Relief Fund)

How to use your job for the Kingdom

“Tentmaking”, a strategic ministry in which we use our professional skills to enter a country that is otherwise closed to missionaries, requires a delicate balance. Enough time and attention need to be devoted to the business to make it successful and legitimate, but it can’t distract from ministry. As a veterinarian and nurse working in a Creative Access country for the last 10 years, we have felt the tug of that tension.
A Creative Access country requires just that ….creativity. So God, in His sovereign ingenuity, placed an ordinary vet in one such country. Working a regular work week with exotic animals allowed us to learn the local ways, build relationships and trust, and gain credibility. Being able to speak the language and working among the people gave us insight into their culture and time to explore ministry opportunities. The locals recognized that we were there to genuinely benefit the people, and as a result, when God opened the door for us to share the Gospel, otherwise sceptical ears were more willing to listen. It was time well spent.
After two years in the job, God opened new doors. We started our own company and spent three years training rural animal health workers. These hands-on experiences, working side-by-side among the people, brought new opportunities for ministry. Finding the balance between business, ministry and family has been a challenge, but what we have realized is that God was using all three areas for His glory.
TigerRunning an ethical and successful business in a country wracked by corruption displays to all those watching from the sidelines that biblical morals are not a hindrance to business. It honours God.
Our family too, is carefully observed. As a visible minority, we stand out. Our kids’ kindness towards each other and the respect they show to the street sweeper is noted. Openly including our handicapped son in our daily activities instead of hiding him in the house is admired, and our everyday family life attracts people and causes them to ask questions. “Why are you so happy?” “How to you cope with living here?” “Why would you move here when we all want to move to your country?” These and many other questions open the door for us to share the hope of our lives in a country where open evangelism is forbidden. In a Creative Access country, much of the ministry portion of our work needs to be more “behind the scenes”. We are able to devote about four days a week to mentoring, discipleship, and training national pastors. Working alongside our national church planters, we have seen rapid church growth. (We saw more than 20 new churches planted and 700 decisions last year!) Many of these new believers are first-generation Christians, so we spend a good portion of our time meeting with eager young disciples to encourage them in their relationship with Christ. All those new churches also require many new pastors, but most of these passionate young men and women, who are willing to lead a church, have no biblical training. We meet with them weekly to discuss challenges, equip them for ministry, and pray through difficulties.
Our job description is not clean and tidy. Our schedules are a bit of a mess, and we often feel the tug of one responsibility while working on another. However, to our heavenly Father, who creatively placed us into this country and in this work, all these things are irrelevant. The only thing that matters to Him is that in all these areas we shine His glory into a dark part of this world that He loves so much.
Name withheld due to security.