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Bethel Church
Green Lane, Tuebrook
Liverpool L13 7EA

Saturday, April 1, 2017
(refreshments following the meeting)

Martin Brennan (Men for Missions)
Paul Buchannan (OMS Board of Trustees)
and Robin Sloss with reports from around the world.



Outreach Teams 2017
Ukraine English Camp (2 camps)
Teaching English, befriending and mentoring.
Evangelistic opportunities.
July 16 – 29th and August 6 – 19th
Click here
for more details

Hungary English Camp (2 camps)

Teaching English and friendship evangelism
July 6th- 16th and July 13th – 23rd
There is an option to stay for both camps.

Belgium – July 15th – 23rd
Join an outreach team at the The Gentse Feesten 2017 (Freedom Festival) with opportunities for evangelism throughout the week.

MFM Work Teams 2017

Men for Missions (a ministry of OMS) urgently need your help with practical work.  ARE YOU WILLING TO GO?

BELGIUM 14th – 21st April, 2017
Project: Missionary’s House/Centre in need of renovations
Painters needed

IRELAND – Co. Mayo: Ongoing work throughout the year
Project: 2nd phase of Church Building
Needed: Electricians, Plumbers, Builders, Labourers


*Possible Work Teams Next Year – 2018*
Hungary –  Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Plasterers needed to help build home for orphans.
Ukraine – Digger driver, builder, carpenters needed to construct basketball/volleyball court.

Team trips are one or two week placements where you can get involved with practical work, prayer ministry, outreach with local churches, children’s Bible clubs, or teaching English. For more information on these or individual placements throughout the year, please contact louisemcmahon.oms@gmail.com  Tel: 0161 283 7992



28th & 29th January, 2017
Bethel Church, Green Lane, Tuebrook, Liverpool L13 7EA

Saturday 28th January
4.30pm – Seminar
The Persecuted ChurchKathy Till (Open Doors)
6.00pm – Buffet
7.30pm – Missionary Meeting
North KoreaMartin Dudgeon (Asia Link)

Sunday, 29th January

10.45am – Morning Service
China’s People Groups – Martin Dudgeon
6.30pm – Evening Service
JordanMartin Dudgeon


Congratulations to Jonny & Gemma Forsythe on the safe arrival of Noah Stephen, born December 2016 and weighing 9 pounds 11oz; a brother for Matthew and Susie.
The family are hoping to return to Mexico at the end of February.  Pray that their visas will arrive on time, and for all that is involved in the preparations over the next few weeks.




24-26 February, 2017

Glenada Conference Centre, Newcastle, Co. Down B33 0EX

Guest Speaker: Dr Robert Murdoch, Principal of Faith Mission Bible College, Edinburgh

For a booking form contact: Mrs Lorraine Coulter lorrainecoulter@ymail.com

Tel: 028 9334 9495 / 07939 309 509



It was a quiet Saturday afternoon in October 2015. I had finished my preparations for the Sunday services and was just about to sit down and watch some sport when the phone rang. “Phill, I’m in the airport returning from the South Pacific. I’m returning next year and they’ve asked me if I could bring along a local pastor to share some experience of pastoring a local church. Have a think about it and we’ll talk when I get home.” And so it was that on Sunday 9th October 2016 I boarded a plane heading for the South Pacific with Dr Chris Palmer.

phill-evansI was asked to do two main tasks. Firstly, speak at the OMS missionary retreat and then to speak at a special missions week at the bible seminary. It was a great honour to be asked. Being aware of the need for retreat and rest when involved in full time ministry. I felt a little anxious as I approached the retreat as I wanted to make sure the time was as profitable as possible and that the missionaries would leave the retreat feeling spiritually refreshed as well as physically and emotionally renewed. For me it was a special time to get to know these great people on the field. It was a wonderful opportunity to laugh, share, play, worship and pray with them. I left the weekend deeply appreciating the people God has called into the harvest field.

My time at the bible seminary was also very special. I was given such a warm welcome by the students, staff and leaders there that I feel like the Apostle Paul when he wrote to the church at Philippi and said; ‘I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine making request for you all with joy, for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ’. It was a great blessing to see a group of young people being trained to take the gospel to that part of the world. I was also impressed with the wisdom and spiritual depth of those who are teaching them and caring for them. One of my highlights was sitting with a small group in one of the open air classrooms discussing mission. I was excited to hear the students explain how they wanted to be trained so that they can go back to their communities with the gospel. It was such a blessing to see their passion and zeal.

Another highlight was helping one of the OMS missionaries in an English class and a Sunday School workshop. It was great fun with lots of laughter and it allowed me to interact in a different way with the students which I enjoyed immensely.

Finally, I will never forget the seminary mission trip to a local village to help after recent flooding. Despite being overcome by the heat at one point and a severely delayed journey home, the memory of being involved in practical mission with this group of people will remain with me for some time (although the visit to the beach and the swim in the sea helped too!)
Pastor Phill Evans – Newbridge AoG church



“The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.”    Matthew 9:37-38

The church is made up of 99% lay people, many just going Sunday after Sunday to their place of worship. As you read on, please ask yourself, `Am I one of these people who is just sitting in church?’ Do you want more and discover what God has for you?

Men for Missions can help you!  They have been working since 1952, and they are looking for people who are willing to do more than sit in Church on a Sunday; people who want to step out with God and ‘DO Mission’.

Men for Missions sends people on short term mission trips! As part of One Mission Society, MFM work in over 70 countries around the world. We, in the United Kingdom, have missionaries across the world and they need your help!!

Are you willing to give up some free time to go on a mission trip, to help maintain, build, stand beside the missionary on the field, and get to know the Church in different parts of the world?

Men for Missions only asks you to say YES to this spiritual commitment:

‘I will do whatever God asks me to do;
I will go wherever God asks me to go;
I will give whatever God asks me to give’.

We have teams going out in 2017, and we need people who are willing to give up their time for one week to help our missionaries in different fields in Europe. We need skilled and unskilled people: builders, carpenters, electricians, digger drivers, painters, and people who are just willing to go and help!

Please pray that God would open your heart to short term mission!
Come and step out and meet new people in a different culture!
See what God has for you in 2017!


Click here for MFM teams 2017



I recently travelled to Haiti to conduct the first HOPE61 training seminars in that country. The problem of human trafficking is monumental across the country, and the pastors and leaders were hungry to learn from the seminar how they could prevent it from happening in the communities they serve.

Haiti is the 14th country to receive the HOPE61 training. It was a blessed time of learning for me and the pastors and church leaders that attended the sessions in Cap Haitien and Port-au-Prince.

enews2It rained for days, and the flooding was severe across the Cap Haitien region, but the day we conducted the training was sunny and warm. One hundred pastors and leaders were invited to attend, but with the flooding in homes and on the roads, we were unsure how many would be able to attend. We praise God for the more than 75 leaders that attended the seminar!

The training was interactive and dynamic. One attendee was Dr. Rodney Baptiste, the director of the OMS-related Bethesda Medical Clinic. Dr. Rodney was so excited to receive this training on human trafficking prevention that he took what he had learned and shared it with the entire staff at Bethesda the next day.

enews3At the end of each HOPE61 training seminar, participants are asked to develop a plan of action to implement what they have learned. Dr. Rodney’s plan was to share the information with his staff as they interact with people every day at the clinic who are vulnerable to become involved in trafficking. Raising the awareness and the knowledge of the staff at Bethesda Medical Clinic will directly reduce the vulnerability of those that come through the clinic. How wonderful to know that the training was multiplied, almost immediately, by Dr. Rodney.

Another 35 pastors and leaders were trained the next day in Port-au-Prince. We are excited to hear stories of the training the pastors received being implemented across southern Haiti, as well. God is working powerfully in Haiti in a number of ways, and it is a huge blessing for HOPE61 to begin work there, as well. Human trafficking is a huge problem around the world, but not too big for God and his church to overcome! Will you join us in praying for Haiti and for the other 13 countries that HOPE61 is working in to prevent human trafficking?  If you’d like to give a Christmas gift this season to help with future HOPE61 trainings please click here

Tom Overton, Director of HOPE61



young-adults3This year’s Young Adults weekend was another challenging and encouraging time, jam-packed full of reports from the field, fellowship and time spent studying God’s Word. This year, we were joined by three young adults from West Cork who came up to lead us in worship. They were talented musicians and led creatively, praising God for the work He has done in our own lives and on the mission field. It was great to be joined with believers from Ireland and to spread the work of OMS to others. There were various reports from the mission field, and from short-term trips from the past year, including Haiti, Croagh Patrick and Hungary.
young-adultsWe were challenged by our guest speaker, Randy Marshall, Field Director, Ukraine, who shared from God’s Word. He spoke about new challenges and insights from familiar passages in Scripture, focusing on the well-known small man Zacchaeus, Gideon and the ‘superman’ of Scripture – the Apostle Paul. We were encouraged to live lives that are so full of Christ that we should overflow to all around us; to be so full of love for Him and the people around us that it changes lives. We left the weekend with the renewed knowledge that even though we are weak people, we have a God Who is all-powerful, Who chooses to use us. What a thought!
The weekend ended with a true Ukrainian English Camp experience, which involved energetic routines, discussion groups and a competitive game of Pictionary!
It was a great weekend, as always, full of good food, fun and fellowship. But most importantly, it was an opportunity to hear from God’s Word, to be challenged by Him and to spend time in prayer for those in our world who are still in darkness, and for those who are being the light in those areas.
Emily Coulter



richardsons-2016Philip and Fiona Richardson have been on quite a journey with the Lord to get to where they are now: serving with OMS in Indiana, USA. Philip grew up in Romford, Essex and Fiona in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Jesus took a hold of both of them in their teens and they gave all of themselves to him, living distinctive lives in Christ and becoming spiritual leaders in their schools. North and south came together when they met at Durham University! Fiona completed a ministry training degree alongside pastors there and Philip grew spiritually through receiving teaching and leading in the Christian Union.

When Philip spent a year after university in rural Kenya with Africa Inland Mission, they were both prayerfully exploring a call to Africa in the future. They married in 1995 and worked for a while before moving to London. Philip studied at London Bible College (now London School of Theology) and Fiona began full time ministry, doing youth and children’s work for an evangelical Anglican church. After much prayer and when Philip completed his Masters in Biblical Interpretation, the Lord sent them through “Crosslinks” to work under the Anglican Church for a large region of churches in Tanzania, East Africa. They worked there from 2002 to 2010; training pastors, lay leaders, young adult leaders, children’s workers, and women’s leaders through teaching, building teams, and writing resources. While there, they adopted Bethany (13) and Jasmine (18), their two precious daughters.

Then God opened up the way for Philip to study for a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky, USA. They have lived there for the past 6 years, which has been a huge blessing to all the family. Fiona has been writing resources, speaking, training, leading Bible studies, and praying with a women’s ministry in the U.S., while continuing to work on publishing and distributing Bible study resources for young women’s ministry in Africa. Philip has enjoyed opportunities to teach at the master’s level during his time at the seminary and grown in his love for building up leaders all over the world as he has studied among many internationals.


Philip teaching in Tanzania

The Richardsons are based at OMS World Headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana. Philip has a passion for engaging people with the Bible and helping them interpret it within its original contexts and apply it to their own situation. He will work with the Theological Education team to come alongside the many Bible colleges, seminaries, and training programmes around the world that partner with OMS. He will also have opportunities to teach and equip international church leaders through building online resources for in-depth Bible knowledge and understanding. He is excited to see what God will do through these leaders, who will become leaders of leaders and teachers themselves all over the world.


Fiona writing discipleship resources in Swahili

Fiona’s passion is to pray, equip, and encourage people as disciples and disciple makers. She delights in building up leaders to work with women and guiding younger women by developing written resources, training trainers, and working through teams in many nations, welcoming God’s transforming power.

They would appreciate your prayers right now as they seek God’s provision for their support. They are thankful for the way the Lord has helped Bethany settle into her new secondary school and has blessed Jasmine in beginning University. From Essex and Yorkshire to Tanzania and America, they have come a long way and now they will get to connect with the many countries where OMS works. Philip and Fiona look forward to seeing what Jesus will do next in their journey with him for his Kingdom worldwide.