Volunteer Opportunities

One Mission Society requires and uses volunteers in several ways. For example;

  • Four times a year a large group of volunteers come to the main office in Sandileigh Avenue Manchester to package and send our prayer letters on behalf of our Missionaries
  • Volunteers assist in our various conferences and Mission meetings manning the stands to promote the work of the Mission and seek people interested in serving
  • Serving in the role of Area Ambassadors. These individuals promote the work of the Mission within their area, at Church meetings and with Church representatives
  • Some volunteers give of their time to go abroad (at their own expense) to preach the gospel and teach others about God’s call
  • The office also has a need for individuals with experience and qualifications in Personnel management and Financial management to help with the day to day running of the Mission

If you consider that God is calling you to serve Him through the Mission in this capacity, temporary or long term, please contact the office by email recruiter@onemissionsociety.org.uk or phone and discuss your call.
God uses all of us in different ways and at different stages of life to work for Him. Not everybody is called to go abroad to serve, and not everybody can leave family, work and friends to respond in this way. Be encouraged that God has a role for you for His Kingdom.