Homes For Haiti

Shortly after the 7.0 earthquake that occurred in January 2010, One Mission Society and the national church in Haiti saw the need for more permanent homes to be built. Even today, there are still many Haitians living in tent cities without any type of permanent home.

OMS designs and builds 20’ x 20’ homes in the Port-au-Prince area. A team of members from the national church decides who gets each home. This is based on need, the ability to show they have land and church attendance. These homes are designed to provide permanent shelter to those living in them. They are able to withstand the rain, wind and hurricanes that create havoc on many of the homes in the area. They are also designed to withstand a similar earthquake. Not only do they provide shelter, they are becoming a meeting place for Bible studies and future house churches.

Watch a short video of the Homes for Haiti team in action >