Mission Possible
Mission Possible works in partnership with OMS. The Mission supports Street Children in Bogota, Colombia, in areas of extreme poverty, who are afflicted by hunger, crime, abuse, despair and abandonment. The Mission raises funds primarily through sales in two charity shops in Portglenone and in Strabane, Northern Ireland.

In Mexico City, many children and young people live on the streets, not having a home to go to. Not only do these children and young people not have a place to get out of the rain during the wet season or the chilly nights that the high altitude of Mexico City experience, they have to scrounge for food and protect themselves from violence from older children and adults.
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Homes For Haiti
Shortly after the 7.0 earthquake that occurred in January 2010, One Mission Society and the national church in Haiti saw the need for more permanent homes to be built. Even today, there are still many Haitians living in tent cities without any type of permanent home.
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Helping Hands
Helping Hands is a ministry to mobilize the church in Mozambique to reach out compassionately to those with disabilities. There are varied opportunities for those called to ministry among individuals with special needs including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and others with skills and interest in sign language/Makaton. We are also seeking people with practical/technical abilities to support the fabrication and maintenance of wheelchairs and other mobility aids provided by the Helping Hands Project.


Chickens & Eggs
This is an eggciting new project in the South Pacific, helping Bible College students develop small business skills and help meet financial needs.
The aim is to buy 100 hens, providing:

Chickens & eggs

Income for student fees
Training in good animal husbandry and business skills
A means to enter difficult areas
Help to subsidise income for Pastors and Evangelists
‘South Pacific Self Sufficiency Project’ #408067
Any excess funds will be used for other self sufficiency projects in the South Pacific


Nkateko Jewellery Project
Nkateko meaning ‘blessing’ is a project encouraging Mozambicans to grow in faith and equipping them with opportunities to provide for themselves and their families through the teaching and making of jewellery and and crafts. This is done through Pastor’s wives meeting once a month to learn new skills, build friendships and engage in Bible study. The crafts these remarkable individuals create are available for sale in the UK in shops, online, at events and through jewellery parties. We are always seeking opportunities to raise the profile of Nkateko at events and would love to hear from you so please contact us. In the UK we operate as a social enterprise selling the items to enable this project to continue to bless people in Mozambique. For more information visit the Nkateko project website >
“…I will bless you … and you will be a blessing.” (Genesis 12.2)


Moscow Christian Seminary
As one part of our four-fold focus, training leaders has been a vital part of the ministries of One Mission Society. One of the ways OMS has trained its national leaders around the world is by developing indigenous seminaries with material taught in the native language.
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