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Here's all the latest news from our overseas and homeland missionaries around the world. You can also find out more about events taking place within the UK as well as forthcoming opportunities to serve with OMS.

26 September 2013

ECC update from Carand Romania

The T4T group started by Pastor Danny Ispas among the ethnic Romanian people of Carand is going well with 6 members regularly attending, including Danny and his wife, Sarah. Even more exciting, given all the upset caused by the sudden death of their pastoral worker, a flourishing T4T group has...

26 September 2013

‘Team Due South’ To Westport Co. Mayo July 27-Aug.3 2013

It was all systems go for 7 short-term OMS Workers (3 Northern Counties; 1 Southern County and 3 different churches), all eager to serve the Lord due south in Westport, Co. Mayo! Some of the team met just a few weeks prior to the mission trip, but that did not dampen their drive, or hinder their...

26 September 2013

OMS Regional Day Wales & West of England

Chris Palmer (S.Wales/S.West Regional Director) writes, “It was a great privilege to take the OMS Regional Conference to Caersalem Evangelical Church Gorseinon on Saturday 21st September; special thanks to Pastor Robert Owens and the church for allowing this to happen. The day’s events...

27 August 2013

Launch of New OMS Prayer Group in Manchester

Earlier this year we reported the launch of 4 new OMS prayer groups.  We are delighted to report the launch of another group in the Manchester area. The group will be meeting in Swinton on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 8.00pm. The group leader is Sandra Armstrong and if you would like further...

27 August 2013

To Haiti and Back (for a man called ‘Jacques’)

I was sitting in Crown Lane Fee Methodist church in Preston as on most Sunday mornings, and at the end of the service my heart was suddenly turned to a country called Haiti. Haiti was not mentioned in the service, neither was mission work as such, but a sudden interest in this unknown country...

27 August 2013

Leaving and Landing

We are enormously blessed to have the support of our family in what we do.   Back in July we drove south and were able to catch up with almost all of Steve’s family to say our farewells, and after that Katuska’s side of the family gathered in Belfast – her parents flew over for a month to...

24 July 2013


In March Myles MacBean reported on the new partnership formed between OMS and Friendship Pentecostal Church with the objective of planting churches in Arad County in Romania. To gain first-hand insight into developments, in late June Myles returned to Carand in western Transylvania to meet with...

24 July 2013

Welcome home to the Kellys

Melvin & Sharon, Joshua, Abigail and Noah arrive back from Mozambique in mid August.  They will be based in Kilrea, N.Ireland for a nine month home assignment.  Pray for a good handover of their ministry projects in Mozambique, for packing up and goodbyes, and a good journey back to the UK...

24 July 2013

Impressions of Mozambique

From 18 April to 7 May, Heather Phillips’ parents, Sam and Marion, visited Mozambique where Heather is on a six month placement with OMS, working at the OMS compound “Boa Nova” in the Machava district of the capital Maputo. They write,“It was of course great to see Heather and spend time...

24 July 2013

Farewell to the Heath and Davies families

The Farewell Service for the Heath family (Jonathan, Esther, Nathanael, Abigail, Josiah, Luke and Timothy) was held on July 14 at Crestwood Community Church.  The church gathered around them in prayer, sending them off for another term of service in the South Pacific.  Verses from Thessalonians...


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