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Here's all the latest news from our overseas and homeland missionaries around the world. You can also find out more about events taking place within the UK as well as forthcoming opportunities to serve with OMS.

31 July 2014


Please join with us in a Day of Prayer & Fasting, 6am-6pm – Monday 6th October, to pray for the work of OMS/UK in our role within OMS worldwide and its fourfold focus of evangelism, church planting, training leaders, and strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations and...

25 June 2014

Update from the Forsythe family in Mexico

Since arriving in Mexico last August, we’ve been amazed as we’ve watched God at work! What an honour to be His hands and feet! We arrived unsure of exactly what our role would look like. Yet now, as we reflect back, we recognise very clearly that God was shaping both us and our ministry during...

25 June 2014


Please pray for the following individuals preparing to serve on a short-term missions trip this summer: MOZAMBIQUE (June 21-July 5) Ian & Sharon Thompson from Antrim Helping Hands project and building work HUNGARY ENGLISH CAMP (15-29 July) Team of 6 from Carryduff Presbyterian Church...

25 June 2014


Men for Missions is a dynamic movement born of God’s Spirit in the hearts of laymen. Through Men for Missions, thousands of men and their families, from various church organisations and all walks of life, find a channel for utilizing and releasing personal skills and abilities in...

27 May 2014

Come over to Macedonia and help us; Acts 16:9

The Macedonian call, received by Paul and his missionary team in Acts 16, was a landmark event in the spread of the Gospel from Asia into a new continent: Europe. Paul and his colleagues set out for Europe, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, with the events at Philippi and beyond confirming...

01 May 2014

Celebrating 45 years of Men for Missions in the United Kingdom!

29 April 2014


NEEDED: Ten eXtreme Walkers in Ecuador The Plan: Two eXtreme walkers residing in each of five communities. “No, we don’t know of any evangelical church here in our town.” That was the reply we heard over and over again as we made our survey trip to western Loja province.  Many small towns are...

29 April 2014


02 April 2014

Easter Fun Day & Fundraiser

27 March 2014

MFM/OMS Sponsored Walk Easter Monday 2014

Easter Monday will be the annual MFM/OMS Sponsored walk.  Clive Bevan Men for Mission, West Gwent and Chris Palmer, OMS Wales & West, will complete a walk in order to raise funds for an OMS Bible college in the South Pacific.  In a country where Christianity is a minority faith, there is...


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