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Here's all the latest news from our overseas and homeland missionaries around the world. You can also find out more about events taking place within the UK as well as forthcoming opportunities to serve with OMS.

28 November 2013

Theological Education Team (TET) in Action

Knowing, growing and sharing: 2 Timothy 3:16-17 The Christian has a unique means of understanding more of their faith: the Bible – Gods revelation to humanity; in His book God sets out the plan of all human action, history, successes, failures and ultimately our path to His presence.  We sadly...

28 November 2013

Asia Pacific Relief Needed

Year after year, the people of the Asia Pacific region hold their breath in anticipation of the next typhoon/cyclone, tropical disturbance, or severe flooding due to the tropical cyclone season from November 1 – April 30. Earlier this month, Super Typhoon Haiyan devastated the central...

31 October 2013

OMS Young Adults Weekend

The Northern Ireland OMS Young Adults weekend was held October 11-13 at the Moyallon Centre Portadown. Rev Paul Bradley our guest speaker spoke on “The Steps of a Good Man”.  His messages were immensely challenging and encouraging. Mission reports from Haiti, Mozambique, Mexico, South Pacific and...

31 October 2013

Britain’s Got Talent – especially Northern Ireland !

At the beginning of August two girls set off from Northern Ireland to use their gifts and talents in serving the Lord overseas . Lesley-Anne is a qualified teacher from Richhill and is spending a year working with OMS in Spain, she writes : “I have been blessed to grow up in a Christian home and...

31 October 2013

Ukraine Summer Camp report…

“Before camp I could believe in God, now I can trust in him” It is comments like this that really make camp, or indeed any mission team both short and long term, worthwhile.  There is nothing greater than seeing a soul come to know the Lord and deciding to follow him in their daily lives. Before...

09 October 2013

New Friends

We have really enjoyed having 2 new families here with us having arrived from Costa Rica 2 weeks ago. One family is from the USA and have 4 kids ranging from 7 to 13 and the other family are from the UK and have 2 kids – a boy of 6 and a little girl (Susie) of 2 and half years (almost...

09 October 2013


Last weekend (20th- 22nd September) I flew across with Donald Coulter for the Welsh OMS conference on the Saturday. This year it was held in Caersalem Evangelical Free Church, near Swansea. Doug & Debbie Atherton This year’s speaker was Doug Atherton (OMS Minister at Large). There were...

09 October 2013

The sounds and smells of Machava

The weaver birds are starting to weave in one big thorn tree in the middle of the compound. It’s a noisy business: the husband does all the weaving, and if the wife isn’t impressed, they argue about it and then she just tips the nest out of the tree and he has to start again. Standards are high:...

07 October 2013

A God who walks with us and unites us

For those of you who saw our Facebook post or read the MEFI blog you will have learnt of the sad death of little Gaby a few weeks ago. Gaby is pictured here with her Mum, Brenda (or Gloria as she is now known as) and her partner Poncho. The MEFI team helped Brenda and Gaby leave the street some...

27 September 2013

OMS Young Adults Weekend 11-13 October, 2013

Moyallon Christian Centre (www.moyallon.org) Speaker: Paul Bradley (with various missionary reports from around the world £45.00 for the full weekend £15 for Saturday only, with lunch and tea provided RSVP by 5/10/13 to:- OMS NI Regional Office 114a Holywood Road Belfast BT4 1NU Contact email...


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