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Here's all the latest news from our overseas and homeland missionaries around the world. You can also find out more about events taking place within the UK as well as forthcoming opportunities to serve with OMS.

26 February 2015

Is anyone listening?

Storly & Kate Michel, OMS missionaries, write, “Sometimes we wonder who is listening to Radio 4VEH, and what kind of impact the radio programs are having. After all, our goal is that people’s lives will be transformed as they listen and respond to what they hear. In January, Storly met a...

26 February 2015

Visit to Mozambique

The faint buzzing of a mosquito somewhere in the bedroom was not a good start to my first day in Mozambique. I knew it was there and it was after my blood, but if I could get it first I thought I may get a night’s sleep. Sadly, I lost the battle and it, along with a host of other critters,...

27 January 2015


Steve and Helen Cosslett have returned to the UK from Mexico where Steve serves as OMS Mexico Field Director and oversees several ministries. Helen disciples young street mums at the MEFI drop-in centre.  This is a short home assignment, so travel is restricted, but they will be in different...

27 November 2014

Visit to the South Pacific

After 16 hours on a plane, 35 degrees of temperature greeted me as I embarked upon another visit to the OMS South Pacific region to help with the teaching of the MTh and new DTh courses at an OMS Bible College.  It always seems a long way, and every time I wonder if it is worth it?  However, when...

27 November 2014

A Mission Without Limits – a vision for OMS’ future

I learned about investing in the future from my grandfather. One day, he was planting an apple tree. I asked him, “Why are you planting this tree?” He knew the question behind the question. “Grandpa, you are 80 years old and will probably never see one of the apples!” My grandfather answered, “I...

06 November 2014


23 October 2014


We arrived at Maputo airport on Sunday morning 21st September where missionary, Melvin Kelly, was waiting for us.  First impressions were like that of any other city until we started to encounter the bumpy roads on our way to the OMS compound at Machava which was to be our home for the duration...

23 October 2014

Danielle returns to the South Pacific

In August Danielle Flood-Coleman, from N. Ireland, returned to the South Pacific for a second year teaching at an international school. Danielle writes, …I am still a teacher. For those of you who aren’t sure what that entails; it means I get home every day really tired.  It means I spend...

23 October 2014

Teens share Faith in Colombia

Missionary Kid(MK), Maddy Carlson, her brother Micah, dad Greg, and 7 others on the team shared the Gospel on a short-term evangelism trip to Colombia with One Mission Society. Hopefully this will inspire you to know you too can share your faith with others as these teens did. “As we walked...

23 October 2014

New TLC Charity Shop in Cookstown N.Ireland

OMS has been part of my life for a long time, and also featured prominently in the life of our church, and in 1986 I joined a youth team to Spain. I qualified as a nurse and midwife, thinking of missionary work with OMS. However, opportunities for medical work were limited at the time and the...


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