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Here's all the latest news from our overseas and homeland missionaries around the world. You can also find out more about events taking place within the UK as well as forthcoming opportunities to serve with OMS.

25 April 2013

OMS Scotland Missionary Conference

SATURDAY 18 MAY 2013 10AM – 4PM Kilsyth Community Church North Lanarkshire g65 0BH Come and hear news and updates from around the world!  Field missionaries will bring reports from Indonesia, the Republic of Ireland, Mexico and Mozambique; we’ll hear from Men for Mission, both in...

25 April 2013

Walking for the Gospel!

On a cold & blustery Easter Monday Clive Bevan (MFM) & Chris Palmer (OMS) completed an 11 mile sponsored walk to raise funds for an OMS related Bible college in the South Pacific.  They were joined for part of the walk by Jeff Jones (MFM UK President).  The walk was completed in a good...

25 April 2013

Heather & Sophie in Mozambique

Heather Phillips and Sophie Jenkins arrived in Mozambique in early January on six month placements – Sophie is teaching at the Christian Academy Mozambique (CAM) and Heather is helping with a disabilities project. Heather writes:- “God is faithfully answering prayers every day! I have...

15 April 2013

A Story in Pictures

It’s been a month of excitement and celebration in the Cosslett household. I thought the best way to tell you all about it would be through pictures. Just before their school broke up for Easter, Nisha and Anya celebrated ‘Spring Festival’. This is a big festival here and the...

22 March 2013

Teachers Night report

On Wednesday 20th February 2013 One Mission Society UK held a special information night for those interested in teaching overseas, and ten people attended the evening. The guest speaker was Jonathan Heath, the headmaster of a small Christian international school in the South Pacific.  Jonathan...

22 March 2013

MFM West Gwent and OMS Sponsored Walk – EASTER MONDAY APRIL 1

On Easter Monday, Chris Palmer (OMS) and Clive Bevan (Men for Mission) hope to complete a 10 mile walk to raise funds for the OMS Bible Seminary in the South Pacific Region.  Chris recently visited the College and was involved in teaching and preaching; whilst there he recognised the desperate...

22 March 2013

Your Moscow Seminary is 20 !

Dear One Mission Society United Kingdom, Congratulations – your Moscow Seminary is 20 ! Two terms characterize this anniversary time span: Succession & Multiplication. Succession is in the Bible. John the Baptist points out to Jesus, “Behold, the Lamb of God!” Two disciples hear him say this...

22 March 2013

Church Multiplication Facilitator

Myles MacBean is a trustee of OMS UK, and after training last summer he recently started his role as a volunteer Church Multiplication Facilitator, supporting the OMS leaders in Romania and Belgium in the development of their church planting movements. Myles & Danny teaching in Carand In...

04 March 2013

Life beyond MEFI

We are well known for the work we do with MEFI, and this does take up around 80% of Steve’s working week and a good chunk of Helen’s week too. But outside of MEFI we have other activities going on that we thought you might like to read about. One of Helen’s main responsibilities...

28 February 2013

Girassol Helps the Needy

On Wednesday 20th February, Melvin went with six members of the Living Word churches in Maputo on a compassionate outreach to Gaza Province.  We drove over 200km to Chihakelane, Chokwe and Guija with almost 2 tonnes of food, clothing and some basic sanitary and health supplies to be distributed...


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