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Here's all the latest news from our overseas and homeland missionaries around the world. You can also find out more about events taking place within the UK as well as forthcoming opportunities to serve with OMS.

25 January 2012

Wine matters

It makes me very happy when a well known passage from the Bible speaks to me in a refreshing way.  I believe is one of the many forms God chooses to meet my soul.  Steve preached about the passage that tells us when Jesus turned the water into the most delicious wine (John 2:1-10).  I never grew...

22 January 2012

Prayer Changes Things and Prayer Changes Us!

Some points for prayer: 1. That God might guide us to appropriate material for discipleship Bible studies in the churches. Pray for spiritual depth in our churches and good participation in the studies. 2. That God guides us as we prepare to teach a module on Holistic Ministry at the Bible...

15 January 2012

Fellowship with Old Friends

”God’s care for His own is not an occasional thing; it is contant. God is not like a physician who comes to us only when there is trouble. He is contantly walking with us and watching over us,” Warren Wiersbe. _________ As we have left the New Year behind and the holiday period is over I am back...

13 January 2012

Samuel on 4Thought

Before Samuel was asked to take part of the short TV program 4Thought, I didn’t know of its existence.  I admire the producers of the program, because they offer a place to open a vast array of difficult themes.  They try to present the theme from a wide spectrum of points of views and...

09 January 2012

Jelly heart

The second Sunday of January we went to Lylesland Parish Church, where Steve lead the whole service.  The congregation was very warm to us even when it was the first time we were visiting them. We felt very welcomed.  Our boys were so impressed by the pipe organ that after the service the...

03 January 2012


December was a beautiful month. We had a bit of snow, practically the first for all our boys. They loved it! Snow mirrors the day light and makes life brighter. Despite the cold that comes with it, we enjoy it. Then came the many Christmas parties at school, at church, at Humpty Dumpty and Little...

01 January 2012

Another New Year

As we enter 2012 it is true according to the words of Warren Wiersbe, “The only thing we can depend on is the rule and reign of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. If He is on the throne of our lives, then we can face tomorrow with courage and confidence.” May we take this opportunity to wish...


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