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Here's all the latest news from our overseas and homeland missionaries around the world. You can also find out more about events taking place within the UK as well as forthcoming opportunities to serve with OMS.

31 July 2011

Anyas special day

Last Sunday we had a dedication service for Anya in our church in Torquay. A dedication service is a bit different to a Christening service as it is simply our way of saying that this precious little girl is a gift from God, and that we are grateful she has been ‘loaned’ to us for this time and...

26 July 2011

The Road to Mozambique

We arrived in Britain from Ecuador a week ago, and since then we’ve been up in the hills of Derbyshire enjoying the hospitality of my sister and her family.  We probably needed a few days to remember about the long hours of daylight and the traffic from the right and the strong cheeses....

22 July 2011

The Sloss Family

Robin Sloss, MFM-UK Robin & Audrey Sloss are members of Magherafelt Independent     Methodist Church.  They have been married for 21 years and have two daughters.  Stephanie is going into her final year in September at Loughry College studying Food Management and Marketing.  Leanne is in her...

22 July 2011

Welcome Home

We welcome home a number of our Long-Term missionaries this summer.  Stephen Graham has returned from the South Pacific where he spent eighteen months teaching missionary children at WIS.  Stephen will be taking up a teaching position in Norfolk in September 2011.  Helen and Steve Cosslett, Nisha...

22 July 2011

Team Trips 2012

We’re very excited to tell you that we have started the planning for our team trips for next year.  Whether you’ve been on mission trips many times before or fancy getting a taste of mission work for the very first time, we hope you’ll get in touch with us about the placements...

22 July 2011

Dean and Lorraine Lappin, Ireland

Dean became involved with OMS in 2006 when his first mission trip was to Mozambique where he spent  several months in a teaching ministry.  Since then he has been on a number of short term trips including South Korea, India, Poland, Germany and Ireland.  Through these trips Dean knew the Lord was...

22 July 2011

Holy Things

Casual with holy things!  This expression has wedged itself in my conscience since uttered by Dr. John Oswalt during OMS’ 110th Anniversary Reunion Meetings at Southport Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana in June.  The Reunion was a time of much blessing.  Equally, God spoke words of...

22 July 2011

Atlas de Mozambique

Ten provinces, twenty million people, thousands of tonnes of bauxite, barrowloads of fish, sugar cane, cashew nuts and cotton, more than a bush or two of tea and coffee; fifteen hundred miles from south to north, with roads that fade into sand dunes and leave you gazing across the ocean; humid...

21 July 2011

Tribute to a special little girl

We were sad today to hear that one of Nisha’s friends, Naomi, after being diagnosed with a brain tumour just over a month ago, lost her fight to survive today, and has gone to be with Jesus. The above picture is the best we have of her with her mum Laura, and shows us with her last year at the...

18 July 2011


Thank you for your prayers for the construction of CAM school! We are on the ‘home straight’ as we finish construction, God willing, in the next few weeks! Below are some photos which will hopefully give you a snapshot of what is going on here on site! The new bathroom block that has...


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