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Here's all the latest news from our overseas and homeland missionaries around the world. You can also find out more about events taking place within the UK as well as forthcoming opportunities to serve with OMS.

21 December 2011

4thought tv

Samuel and I went down to London on Saturday for his tv debut.  The company that makes 4thought for Channel 4 was looking for chatty children to interview, and Pauline at OMS Manchester put them on to us; Claudia, the director, had phoned Sam on Thursday night to hear what he sounded like, and by...

20 December 2011

Samuel stars on the Small Screen

Last week OMS-UK was approached by Channel 4 in a search of chatty children to interview for a forthcoming “4thought tv” programme.  Samuel Davies was flown down from Glasgow to Channel 4′s London studios with his Dad Steve, where he was interviewed for the programme which will...

12 December 2011

New Beginnings

Hello everyone! This is very exciting…posting our first ever blog! Please forgive us for any mistakes as this is all very new to us…modern technology!!! We can’t believe its been 6 months since I got the job. For many years both Audrey and I have wondered what God had in store for us as a family....

10 December 2011

The golden rule

I’ve heard it said, by those who know about these things, that if there’s one golden rule of blogging, it’s probably this:  whatever happens, keep posting.  So, regardless of the reasons for the blogger’s block which has obviously set in, and studiously ignoring the daft...

09 December 2011

Update from Russia

Dear One Mission Society United Kingdom, The father of Dr. Kulikov Jr., my predecessor in the role of director of the Moscow Seminary, was shot in the head by a KGB agent, because Mr. Kulikov Sr. was a minister. Now, think how much faith it took on the part of Mr. Kulikov Jr. to become a minister...

09 December 2011

Goodbye to several OMS-UK office staff

From left to right: Helena Monck, Doug and Debs Atherton, Pauline Davidson (in the purple scarf) This Christmas, OMS-UK will be saying farewell to several members of office staff.  Pauline Davidson, Helena Monck and Debs Atherton will all be moving on whilst Doug Atherton will be stepping down as...

09 December 2011

Team Trip to Haiti, Spring 2012

Calling all those with a heart for mission!  We are looking for people of any age to join a team trip to Haiti in Spring 2012. One of OMS-UK’s Short-Termers said this about his recent trip to Haiti: “Time is fleeting by, and so much to be done. A life-time could be spent, and it would...

09 December 2011

Launch of OMS Europe Websites

To support and expand the ministries of Across Europe, over the past few months OMS-UK has been working with a local website developer to create three OMS Europe foreign language websites in French, Spanish and German as well as a general OMS Europe website.  As well as allowing French, German...


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