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Here's all the latest news from our overseas and homeland missionaries around the world. You can also find out more about events taking place within the UK as well as forthcoming opportunities to serve with OMS.

31 August 2010

New beginnings…

Phil Davidson (Admin, left) left OMS on 13th August 2001 to teach at the Hillcrest School in Nigeria. Paul Bentley (Personnel) left OMS on 27th August 2010 to marry his fiancee Heather and, in 2011, begin his training for the Anglican ministry.

30 August 2010

Special days

There are a few things going on between our community and the clinic which we would value your prayers for. Anyway because of that I was really very discouraged at the beginning of this week but God gave me a really couple of special days this week reminding me why he has called me here and how...

29 August 2010

OMS Missionary Couple Expands Their Ministry

Steve and Katuska Davies have a heart for the Middle East. Katuska knew from a very young age that God was calling her to be a missionary, and when she met Steve at a Bible college in the U.K., it seemed like their mutual call was leading them to Muslim ministry. One by one, however, the doors...

22 August 2010

Update from Milot

Things in Milot are really getting quiet, from starting out with around 350 patients in 5 huge tents, we are down to around 40 in just 2 of the tents and they aren’t really full. This is Marie-Genese, she is in her early 20′s and lost her arm and her leg in the earthquake. She has...

22 August 2010

Commissioning service

We would like to invite you to our Commissioning service on Sunday 5th September at 6.30pm in Antrim Baptist Church! We would love to see you there!!

22 August 2010

Traveling to Mozambique!

We are flying to South Africa on Monday 20th September on route to Mozambique. We would really value your prayers for safe travel and that the twins will cope well with the long flight. Melvin’s cousin, Brian, is traveling with us which is such a blessing. We will go by bus to Nelspruit on...

22 August 2010

We’ve arrived!!

Very early Thursday morning we woke up bleary eyed and headed to San José airport in Costa Rica. We were travelling with our friends the Reids and Leslie and Steve were reminiscing along the way of all the different phases God had helped them achieve; starting with getting Brenda, Helen and the...

20 August 2010

Where Ecuador, UK, Rep. Ireland, USA, Russia, Estonia, Japan, Mexico, Hungary, Spain and many more meet

The first two weeks of August offered me plenty of reasons to praise the Lord. God’s creativity to create his creation is abundant and infinite. He has made each of us so different. And he loves all those differences to the point that he will take those differences to heaven (See Rev....

18 August 2010

Some other peeps…

Apart from physio in the clinic and in Milot there are some other people I try to go and see each week. One of which is Sterlina….I hadn’t been too see her for about a month for a couple of reasons but I got the chance to go see her on Wednesday and she is doing really well actually....

13 August 2010

Last minute travels

As we mentioned in our last blog entry, Steve had the hardship of going to Hawaii to help on the production team there during the Baptist World Alliance. He claims not to have had any time to sun-bathe on the beach (we’ll take his word for it!) but he enjoyed being there and got to see lots of...


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