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Here's all the latest news from our overseas and homeland missionaries around the world. You can also find out more about events taking place within the UK as well as forthcoming opportunities to serve with OMS.

28 December 2010

Christmas Joy and New Year wishes

Samuel (violin, top right), Benjamin (toc-tocs, lower row, middle), and Joseph (tambourine, lower row, right) during the presentation of the junior orchestra for the Christmas Musical in school. After the celebrations in school and music school, we had a quiet Christmas celebration at home....

27 December 2010

¡Feliz Navidad!

Hope you all had a great Christmas. Whilst we missed family, friends and the traditions of home, we had a wonderful day and we celebrated it with a Mexican family and a Northern Irish friend over a ‘traditional English’ Christmas dinner. We weren’t able to get all the trimmings but we didn’t...

26 December 2010

Happy Birthday Joshua and Abigail

We can hardly believe it-Joshua and Abigail are 1!!! Where has the last year gone to!?!? We had a wonderful day on Friday! We invited our team members and our Mozambican friends to a party. We had about 20 people here in total! We missed all our friends and family in Ireland and would...

26 December 2010

Christmas in Mozambique

We spent a quiet Christmas in the house and just had skype calls with family!! Abigail and Joshua love listening to the chat and seeing those they love on the screen!! Today we had a lovely celebration of Christmas with our team!! We had a service this morning, communion and then a meal...

26 December 2010

Thank you for your prayers for Abigail

Thank you for your prayers for Abigail’s cough! We have had a hard two weeks. Abigails cough has been really bad & has been intensified by teething! Some nights we are getting very little sleep. We took Abigail to the doctor 10 days ago. It is thought that she has Asthma. It...

24 December 2010

Great is thy faithfulness

Due to a couple of personal circumstances I have decided to leave Haiti a month early before my term ends and head home. I am going to try and keep writing on my blog experiences I have had and ways I have seen God move even as I am at home. There have been so many things I would have loved...

21 December 2010

Traffic Jams in Maputo!

The twins are on the move on their ride-on toys!!! Watch out Maputo!! The traffic here is bad! Yesterday we had to go into Maputo and it took us over an hour to accomplish the 14km from our house to Maputo! Thankfully Abigail and Joshua slept for most of it and it was not too hot!!Some are...

19 December 2010

A bitter-sweet Christmas, just like the first.

Just as the most precious baby of all, God’s son, was born in to poverty, in a smelly, dirty stable, away from home, and with a death warrant over his life, so the joy that accompanies Christmas this year is mixed with the stark pain and fear that are so real in the lives of the young people...

19 December 2010

Nisha’s acting première

We said goodbye to Nick last Wednesday as he headed back to England where he’ll continue his acting course. The time went too quickly, but we were able to share lots of special moments with him before he went home. On his last day he had the chance to watch the beginning of his niece’s...

13 December 2010

Preaching in Picicco

On Sunday 5th December, I was invited to bring the message at the Picocco church. This is a small congregation about 45 minutes out from Maputo. Sharon and I debated whether or not we should take the twins. In the end we decided that it might not be a good idea – it could have ended...


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