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Here's all the latest news from our overseas and homeland missionaries around the world. You can also find out more about events taking place within the UK as well as forthcoming opportunities to serve with OMS.

30 November 2010


Last Thursday was Thanksgiving and our house was the venue! It was so lovely to have everyone here. Lots of people from different mission organisations. There was lots of great food and good craic!! Praise God for fellow labourers in the Gospel who encourage and inspire!

30 November 2010

11 months

We thought that you might like some pictures of the twins at 11 months!! They are really moving about! Joshua can stand unaided!! He has not tried to walk himself yet but that day is just around the corner. They are great fun and love playing hide and seek around the couch! Thank you so...

29 November 2010

Pushing on

As we celebrate Advent Sunday, we have been both looking back and thanking God for getting us through more than a month of ill health, as well as looking forward to December, which includes a 10 day visit from my (Steve’s) brother Nick at the beginning, and a Christmas in Mexico, which of...

29 November 2010

The interim results from the Census

Census day came and went.  True to form, the sun blazed down in the morning and the boys splashed in the paddling pool to their hearts’ content.  Our interviewer was Manuel, a 5th Former from the Salesian College, who managed to arrive precisely as we were sitting down to lunch, so...

29 November 2010

More on Cholera

Cholera is the thing everyone is talking about right now. It is now present in all 10 departments of Haiti with the North department (where we are) being the worst affected. People are so scared of getting cholera because of what they have heard and seen of people dying quickly. As I have...

27 November 2010

The Quilter

I like doing crafts.  Yesteryears I’ve done plenty of cross-stitch, sewing and knitting, but recently I haven’t managed to do anything significant in that area.  I have seen American style quilts before, and never imagined I would ever try doing one.  However, last Saturday an...

25 November 2010


Last Saturday we attended the Graduation Service for the Seminary students who have completed 3 years of part-time study. 6 people graduated in total. One of our church pastors teaches this course every Saturday morning. He is pictured on the right of this photo. Please pray for him-his...

25 November 2010

Praise God for Naomi

This photo is of Abigail with Naomi who helps us in the house. Naomi is such a blessing. She comes with me when I am going into town and also when I go to the supermarket with the twins. Last week we were in town and I realised that I needed fuel for the car. We pulled into the petrol...

24 November 2010

What we have been up to

We have been doing well though the last couple of days have been hard as the twins aren’t in best form. Diarrhea, teething and running noses! The last couple of nights we feel as though we have been doing gymnastics in and out of bed! Both Joshua and Abigail have been waking up...

22 November 2010

Bouncing back to health (almost)

Although it seemed like we’d all got over our various ailments, Nisha had about a week free of her cough and was back to her normal bouncy self, and then caught another one! However, this time she hasn’t got a fever, and it sounds more wheezy – so we’re questioning whether it could be...


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