Conversations on a Plane


Sitting next to me on the plane from Hong Kong to San Francisco was a Frenchman named Christian. When he learned that Esther and I spoke French, he opened up to us in an amazing way. I began to speak to him of Christ, and he was extremely interested. I ended up opening the Scriptures and going through the Gospel with him in French. He had honest questions, and by God’s grace, I was able to communicate well with him for close to two hours. In God’s big-picture economy, maybe a reason Esther and I learned French in 1981-82 was so that I could interact with Christian about Jesus in 2018. I now have his contact information to continue a “seeker” conversation. I hope to send him a Bible in French, so he can begin reading through the book of John. And I’ve connected him with a strong evangelical church in his hometown in California. By God’s transforming power, may Christian live up to the name he bears!

Bob Fetherlin, President, One Mission Society

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