Haiti – Julie Briggs

Julie Briggs, a physiotherapist works at Bethesda Medical Clinic and Milot Hospital, treating patients from the 2010 earthquake. She also runs mobile medical clinics. She has happy that she is exactly where God wants her to be.

Following her training Julie prayed about God's plan for her life. 'Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths.' Proverbs 3 v 5 & 6. She never imagined that God would lead her to Haiti.

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Latest News from Haiti – Julie Briggs

09 May 2011

Family Love

My closest friends in Haiti are a wee family which I am sure you have heard me talk about, Dr Rodney his wife Vedane and their 3 kids, Wood, Ollie and Alisha. Dr Rodney works in our clinic and they live on a wee house on the compound which is how I got so close to them. Dr Rodney has an amazing...

13 March 2011

Back for a visit

I am just home from just over a week in Haiti. As you know I left a month early and very quickly due to a couple of circumstances and I really felt I never got a proper chance to say goodbye to alot of people and see them before I left. So that is exactly what I went back to do. On top of...

12 January 2011

1 year later

12th January 2010……..a date not one single person in Haiti will ever forget. One year ago today the 7.3 earthquake hit Port au Prince and devestated the whole country. In just 35 seconds…… Over 300,000 people died Over 500, 000 injured Over 1 million left...

24 December 2010

Great is thy faithfulness

Due to a couple of personal circumstances I have decided to leave Haiti a month early before my term ends and head home. I am going to try and keep writing on my blog experiences I have had and ways I have seen God move even as I am at home. There have been so many things I would have loved...

10 December 2010


Wednesday  was a hard day for us in the clinic as we lost three patients. We went down to the clinic on Wednesday morning and the night nurses told us we lost one of the old ladies during the night. The lady had been there from the day before and was continually pulling out her IV fluids....

07 December 2010

Christmas, Culture shock, Cold and Cholera!!

After being at the clinic for too many hours everyday and night working with our patients who have cholera I hadn’t even thought about Christmas. However on Thursday Hannah, Matt, Stacey and I had to go to the Dominican to renew our visas. We have to leave Haiti every three months and...

29 November 2010

More on Cholera

Cholera is the thing everyone is talking about right now. It is now present in all 10 departments of Haiti with the North department (where we are) being the worst affected. People are so scared of getting cholera because of what they have heard and seen of people dying quickly. As I have...

19 November 2010


I never thought I would be happy to hear the sound of a horn on a huge truck in Haiti. Just to explain a wee bit…….driving in Haiti is a bit crazy and the rules are, if you want to be seen beep your horn, if you want to overtake beep your horn, if you want someone to move beep...

16 November 2010


Just as I think life in Haiti cannot get any worse, it does. When I think the people cannot cope with anything else they find the strength to. 12th January brought the earthquake in Port au Prince, November brought Hurricane Tomas which caused mass flooding and now cholera…..on top of...

08 November 2010


Just before I went home Vedane and Rodney has adopted Alisha and I had asked my dad if anyone had any old baby clothes that I could bring back for her and some other babies that would be great. I was amazed at how generous people where and I actually had to say no to some of the clothes because...

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