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Melvin and Sharon Kelly and their twins, from Northern Ireland, are missionaries to Mozambique. They feel God is leading them to train the churches as they establish strategic sustainable ministries.

Through her work at a Christian community centre Sharon came into contact with OMS. Melvin uses his construction training to serve God. He has spent 3 years overseeing projects, including the Maputo Bible Seminary. They both want to work closely with the Maputo Bible Seminary to facilitate ministry placements and bi-vocational training for students.

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26 December 2010

Happy Birthday Joshua and Abigail

Happy Birthday Joshua and Abigail

We can hardly believe it-Joshua and Abigail are 1!!! Where has the last year gone to!?!? We had a wonderful day on Friday! We invited our team members and our Mozambican friends to a party. We had about 20 people here in total! We missed all our friends and family in Ireland and would have loved you to join us here too!! Below is a photo of the people here at the party!

Happy Birthday Joshua and Abigail

It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with our Mozambican friends and their families and build relationships! We pray that as time goes by these relationships will grow and we can stand alongside our brothers and sisters as they build God’s Kingdom here in Mozambique!

We had a mixture of Mozambican, Irish and American food & of course lots of cake, brownies & traybakes!!! It was about 40 degrees but we put tables outside under the shade of the tree!!

Happy Birthday Joshua and Abigail

It was lovely to see the children playing together with many of the toys we had brought in our suitcase!

Thank you so much for your prayers for us as a family!! We are so blessed to have Abigail and Joshua in our family and we celebrate the first year of their life and all the joy that they have brought to us!We hope that these photos help you to feel part of our celebrations!

For more pictures go to  The Kelly’s own blog site at

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