Mexico – The Cosslett Family

Steve and Helen are with the OMS team in Mexico City, after a year of language training in Costa Rica. God started preparing them for this move to Mexico back in 1998 when Helen first became involved in a project with street children there.

Helen, a nurse with a Dip HE in Applied Theology met OMS at Bible school. Steve has a degree in Applied Theology and has led teams to Mexico. The Cossletts will be working with the street children's project and planting churches amongst the street people and the poorer communities.

05 June 2011



It is hard to believe, but these pictures are of the same girl (whom we’ll continue to call Julia in order to protect her identity). Andrew and Carol Agnew (who were working with the ministry up until just over a year ago) took the first picture of her in April 2007 and wrote in their blog ‘this picture is the “before” picture, please pray for the “after” picture’. Well, thanks to the prayers of so many of you, we now have the “after” picture, and not only is the transformation on the outside, but it’s on the inside too.

When the Agnews mentioned her in their blog she had just spent about 5 months in rehab but had sadly left and ended up back on the streets. She had returned to the drop-in centre to ask for help to go through rehab again, and had completed another few months, but again returned to the streets. Finally, she asked Alex and Paty just over a year ago to help her again as she discovered she was pregnant, and was determined to make it work this time. The rehab centre in Mexico City ‘Reto Esperanza’ didn’t have any places left, so they sent her to one of their other centres in Guadalajara (a few hours away). She was there just over a year, gave birth to a beautiful little girl – whom we’ll call Rita – there, and developed some really close relationships in the centre – she showed me a photo of the community whom she now calls her ‘family’.

She returned to Mexico city because she wanted to find Rita’s father (who was also living on the streets) and encourage him to leave as well so they could be a family together.

However, when she arrived back in the gang she was told the shocking news that he had been murdered about a year ago – no one was willing to say by whom, although she has her suspicions as his brother was murdered a little while before.

She was obviously distraught and turned up at the drop-in centre in tears. A lot of her dreams have been shattered again, but this time she has a strong faith and cried out to God in her distress. She didn’t sleep at all the night she found out, but she read her Bible and the verse that spoke to her was Psalm 27:10 ‘Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.’

She has the desire to make a home for herself and her daughter and to find work, and Proyecto MEFI want to help her to do that. We have asked a Christian lady who volunteers at the centre if she is still willing to take in ex-street girls in to her home, as she has offered before, but if this doesn’t work out then we will try and help Julia to rent somewhere until she is able to support herself. We will let you know what happens. At the moment she is staying at a street-kid’s home.

Please, please pray for her and her daughter, for God to heal the grief and pain she feels at this moment, that she wouldn’t slip back into temptation, and that we will be able to help her to grow and mature in her faith and as a mother. As Andrew and Carol said 4 years ago, God has a plan for this precious life, and He still does.

We hope this encourages you to persevere in your prayers for those that have been in rehab recently and have returned to the streets, please don’t give up praying for them, who knows how and when your prayers will be answered, just like they have been for Julia.

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