Mexico – The Cosslett Family

Steve and Helen are with the OMS team in Mexico City, after a year of language training in Costa Rica. God started preparing them for this move to Mexico back in 1998 when Helen first became involved in a project with street children there.

Helen, a nurse with a Dip HE in Applied Theology met OMS at Bible school. Steve has a degree in Applied Theology and has led teams to Mexico. The Cossletts will be working with the street children's project and planting churches amongst the street people and the poorer communities.

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12 June 2011

From the smaller members of the family

As Anya hasn’t had a turn to contribute on the blog(go to Cossletts own blog on yet we thought it would be good for her to give you an update this week. If you click on the play button above you can hear her side of the story, don’t believe everything you hear though! She’s becoming quite a chatterbox now, just like her big sister. And she’s had a big growth spurt – I must have given her an extra dose of growth hormones in my milk as she grew 6 cm in about 6 weeks! She’s going to be the one that changes the most whilst we’re back in the UK as she will probably be saying a few words and maybe walking as well when we get back to Mexico. So it makes us realise how much we’re going to miss people here as so much will have changed.

We’re starting to say our goodbyes to people as we’ve only got 3 weeks left before we leave – one week left of work here, one week in the USA for the 110th anniversary of OMS (which we’re going to combine with visiting some friends from Chicago for a few days), then a week of packing, before we fly on the 4th July. So it’s going to be a bit chaotic to say the least, and trying to fit all our goodbyes in isn’t going to be easy. We spent a really nice time with the Reid family (including Nisha’s friends Liam and Darina) and the Saucedo family (Alexis, Alicia and their four kids) last week. We had a birthday party for Liam, and we went to the zoo with the Saucedo family, we’re going to miss these families so much, and NIsha is going to miss her friends a lot. Please pray that she will make some new friends really quickly when we arrive back in England. We know she is really looking forward to seeing Nanna, Pappa, Granny, and all her uncles, aunties and cousins though. When we started talking about going to England last week she got quite excited and started deciding what babies she’s going to take with her and which are going to stay in Mexico and what things she’s going to give to her friends to look after whilst she’s away. She’s definitely getting used to the whole rigmarole of packing at an early age!

We’re also getting used to the fact that we’re going to have to find a new house when we get back to Mexico as our land-lord is moving back in to our current house. We’ll miss our house as we’ve been so blessed living in it during this year. Our friend (the land-lady) was so kind to us and allowed us to use all the furniture and baby things that she had left in the house, so we lacked nothing. We may not be as fortunate the next time, but we’re praying that God would provide somewhere where we’ll all be happy and feel really at home. We’re also praying about where NIsha should go to school when we get back here. We’ve got to decide whether to send her to a bilingual nursery/primary school, or continue at the Mexican nursery she’s been going to up to now and then switch to an English speaking or bilingual primary school when she’s 5 or 6 (primary starts at a later age here). A lot of people say that it’s better for her to learn to read and write in English before she learns to do it in Spanish, as English is harder apparently! So we’re beginning to look around at schools as it affects where we might live when we return.

So our heads and hearts are in lots of different places at the moment, we sometimes wish we could be like Anya and only have to think about when she’s getting her next feed and when she can go back to sleep!

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