Mexico – The Cosslett Family

Steve and Helen are with the OMS team in Mexico City, after a year of language training in Costa Rica. God started preparing them for this move to Mexico back in 1998 when Helen first became involved in a project with street children there.

Helen, a nurse with a Dip HE in Applied Theology met OMS at Bible school. Steve has a degree in Applied Theology and has led teams to Mexico. The Cossletts will be working with the street children's project and planting churches amongst the street people and the poorer communities.

19 June 2011



Our stress levels reached their peak this week and we had to keep reminding each other to keep things in perspective. We went to Fidel’s son’s wedding last week-end in a town a couple of hours away, and we spent a really lovely time with Fidel, Juana and their family. However, Nisha spiked a fever the same day of the wedding and had tummy pain and has only just really recovered. Then when we got back to the city, Steve went down with a fever and a bad throat infection and spent a couple of days on his death bed! Then we heard on Wednesday that it was very unlikely Anya’s passport was going to arrive on time for us all to go to the USA for the conference, so we started to run around to try and get her a Mexican passport. After a bit of investigation we realised that it was going to be very difficult to get her a passport and visa for USA in the space of time we had – even if Steve went on ahead and us girls followed a few days later.

So in the end we decided it was best for us girls to stay behind and for Steve to go but try and change his ticket so he could come back a bit earlier. We felt really peaceful about this decision and feel it may have been too much for the kids to travel to USA and then come back, have a week of packing, and then leave again for the UK. It means that we will hopefully be able to see a few more people that we wouldn’t have had much time to see otherwise, and also maybe begin a bit of packing. We still don’t know whether Anya’s British passport will arrive before we leave for England however, so we’re going to try and get her a Mexican one as well just in case. She’ll then have 2 nationalities and will be welcomed a lot more readily around the world than the rest of us! So please continue to pray for this situation. We are praising God that the airline did allow Steve to change his ticket without cost and they also gave the three of us credit for the tickets that we didn’t use. So thanks so much for all your prayers!

The day that Steve left for the USA, we heard news from our friends and co-workers Alex and Paty that Memo (Alex’s brother and our cook at the drop-in centre) was in hospital and the situation was really bad. His kidneys are very damaged (as a complication of his diabetes) and if he doesn’t have dialysis he may only have a couple of months to live. He has had several health complications due to his diabetes – the main one of course was losing his sight a few years ago, but this news of course devastated us all. It put all the headaches and stress of the previous week back in to perspective and we’re praying that he will respond well to the dialysis and that he will recuperate quickly. Of course it will mean a lot of huge changes for the whole family, one of which is that they will probably have to move house as the one Memo, Alex and Paty (and their kids) live in at the moment isn’t a healthy enough environment for Memo whilst he’s on dialysis. They were already looking in to moving, but this has put pressure on them to move much sooner than they would have otherwise.

I was able to go and visit Memo in the hospital on Saturday and the difference in the conditions of government hospitals to those in private hospitals really hit me. Memo was on a narrow rickety old bed in a corner of a busy ward which was dark and dingy, there were hardly any nurses about, and those that were didn’t seem to be very interested in the patients and were sitting chatting at their station. No children were allowed in to the hospital and only one visitor at a time. Memo said that there had been a lot of deaths in the few days he’d been in, and he of course had come face to face with his own mortality. In spite of all this however, he was trusting God that He would know what was best for him, and although he was very tired and weak, he was still smiling and joking and talking about food – his favourite subject of course! So please lift him up in your thoughts and prayers and the rest of the MEFI team of course as they try and cover the work in the drop-in centre kitchen, and for Alex and Paty as they think of all the adjustments to life that this will bring to their family.

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