Mexico – The Cosslett Family

Steve and Helen are with the OMS team in Mexico City, after a year of language training in Costa Rica. God started preparing them for this move to Mexico back in 1998 when Helen first became involved in a project with street children there.

Helen, a nurse with a Dip HE in Applied Theology met OMS at Bible school. Steve has a degree in Applied Theology and has led teams to Mexico. The Cossletts will be working with the street children's project and planting churches amongst the street people and the poorer communities.

31 July 2011

Anyas special day

Anyas special day

Last Sunday we had a dedication service for Anya in our church in Torquay. A dedication service is a bit different to a Christening service as it is simply our way of saying that this precious little girl is a gift from God, and that we are grateful she has been ‘loaned’ to us for this time and we promise to cherish her and show her God’s love and bring her up in a way honouring to Him. This fact has been brought home even more clearly to us with the recent loss of Nisha’s little friend who had only just had her 1st birthday (see previous blog). We feel so blessed and privileged to have 2 gorgeous little girls to love and care for, and we try not to take it for granted, as we know how fragile life is, instead we give thanks for each day that we have with them. Anya is 5 months old now, but as you can see she’s already eyeing up the cake!!! She’ll have to wait a bit longer to be able to enjoy it though! We had a lovely picnic in the park after the service with family and a few close friends, and thankfully the weather held out – it’s not as reliable here as it is in Mexico!

We’ve had a few speaking engagements since we’ve been back from Mexico, which have been a great encouragement. So far we’ve spoken at churches in Totnes, Torquay and London, but we’ve been trying to keep the first few weeks fairly relaxed so as to give ourselves time to recover and have good quality time with family. We’ve all felt pretty drained since our return, and it’s made us realise how much we actually needed some rest. We are already missing Mexico however, and we feel a conflict of emotions – wanting to both be here in the UK where we feel comfortable and where we have a loving family around us, but wanting at the same time to be in Mexico where we know God has called us for the foreseeable future and where the need is so great. However, we have to leave the work in Mexico in God’s hands for the next 9 months and trust that He will provide during this time so that we can go back and develop the work further.

Steve is off to the OMS headquarters in Indianapolis on Thursday for 2 and a half weeks for meetings and seminars in church planting. Then at the beginning of September we start our travelling around the country to speak at various churches – starting off in the Midlands, then after that Somerset, Wales, the North of England, Scotland, etc. We’ll try and send some of our schedule in September when things are more finalised as we’d really appreciate your prayers, and if we’re going to be nearby we’d love to see you too.

Please continue to pray for our adjustment to being here – we do feel quite unsettled some days, but the girls have adjusted well, and we’re getting there slowly but surely!

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