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MFM trip to Haiti

I spent 3 months, from January to April ’15, living and working in Haiti with Men for Missions, through One Mission Society. Living in the capital city of Port-Au-Prince was comfortable for me, and the weather was exceptional, I had good food, a safe place to stay and plenty of friends to guide me around the city.
The mission is to build 35 houses, a chapel/school room and bore 3 wells on just under 3 and a half acres. The vision is then that this community will go out to share the gospel with those that were sent out to live on the barren mountains nearby.
I worked with teams from America, hand in hand with a crew of local workers hired by OMS. Every day began with a time of devotion: a song, a shared word and time of prayer, with aid by our translators. Then the work started; the Haitians were responsible for the concrete and block work, from foundations to plastering the walls. All the carpentry was left to the volunteers, the roofing, ceilings and doors, then finish the roof with metal sheets.
Being in a third world country was an eye opening experience. I saw extreme poverty, terrible living conditions and heard horror stories of their daily lives. Some of the effects of the earthquake are still visible five years on from the disaster, but not many, and it seems that it now looks as it did before.
But the greatest shock for me was the joy of the people I met, some had lost a lot, struggling through life, but persevering complaint-free, it would shrink any issue we could have in our society. Secondly, their dependency on God was inspirational, where we can pay our way through life, their first point of call is to turn to God in prayer.
Prayer Points:
Complete the mission; that the community will be built
Complete the vision; that the community shares the gospel.
Pray for the authorities in the country, despite being back to how it was before the earthquake, the country is still in a bad state because of corruption.

Watch Daniel and the team at work https:

Daniel Treharne, S.Wales

Witch doctor tunes in for sports…and hears the Gospel !

Do you follow your favourite sports on TV, online, or on your phone? Earlier this year, God used the daily sports programme on Radio 4VEH to draw a young man, a well-known witch doctor, to Christ. This is your faithful support in action!
“Pierre persecuted the Gospel, and us too,” Pastor Joseph, an evangelism partner, told us. “He set up his voodoo altar right across from our church. We prayed for him. In the end, he went away—but we kept praying. When he came back, I gave him a 4VEH solar radio.” [Pastor Joseph had a few solar radios left after a recent outreach in Haiti as part of our Resounding Hope initiative.]
“Pierre only listened to the sports programme, because he loves football (soccer),” said Pastor Joseph. “But, yesterday, after listening to the soccer results as usual, he forgot to turn off his radio. What he heard next was the Gospel message.
As soon as the programme ended, Pierre called me, wanting to become a Christian. So, I went to his house, talked him through the way of salvation, and we burned all his voodoo things. And this witch doctor came to Christ!”
Like Saul, the persecutor of Christians who met Jesus and became the great missionary Paul, this former witch doctor, Pierre, is now passionately urging others to choose Christ. So many people across Haiti need to hear his story. But we need your help!
Help share Pierre’s story with others in need of Christ
Your faithful prayers and financial support of 4VEH are vital as we work together in the Lord’s work to reach, teach, and serve Haitians like Pierre through media—and as we share stories like his on the air. Pierre will soon give his testimony on our Let the Rocks Cry Out weekly programme, to encourage others, including witch doctors, to come to Christ.
You see, witch doctors are very influential—giving advice or ‘cures’ for problems like sickness, money, and relationships. So when a witch doctor turns to Jesus, he often influences many people for the Lord as they see his life transformed. I can’t wait to see how the Lord will use Pierre for His Kingdom!
Your support transforms listeners—and their communities.
“My wife and my children are now in Christ too,” said Pierre. “A lot of people I used to serve as a witch doctor have seen the difference in my life now and have come to Christ themselves. My advice to others? Come to Jesus; He is the only way!”
Pierre’s story is not unique. As we celebrate 4VEH’s 65th anniversary this month, we are reminded of comments from many unchurched people who tuned in for sports, farming advice, news, music, for help with their problems—and what they heard on 4VEH drew them, sometimes straightaway, often over time, to the Savior.
Your donation to Radio 4VEH will provide essential resources to produce and broadcast radio programmes that transform lives, like Pierre’s—for today and for eternity. Thank you so much!
Storly & Kate Michel, serving God and the Haitian people through Radio 4VEH, a ministry of One Mission Society.

Update from Miriam in Mexico

Miriam is from Cardiff and as part of her gap year is spending 4 months with OMS in Mexico.  She writes,

I first came to Mexico in 2011; I was then just coming to the end of my A-Levels, and was about to start a Gap Year. I spent two weeks in Mexico City, falling in love with the country and the people. I left Mexico with a huge desire to return. I then spent one year working in Wales, and returned to Mexico in 2012. I am now a student at Cardiff University, studying Spanish and Italian, and as part of my course I am required to do a year abroad. This meant I could chose to either study or to do a work placement. When deciding what to do and where to go, God really put Mexico on my heart once again. I sent a few emails and decided to come back as part of my university course. I have just spent five months in Italy, and then came to Mexico to fulfil the Spanish half of my year abroad. My main commitment is working with MEFI. I visited MEFI in both 2011 and 2012 and loved the team and the work they do so passionately. I knew it was where I wanted to spend these four months. I have been in Mexico now for around three weeks and I love it so far! I am so excited at the prospect of having another three months here to develop deeper relationships with all at MEFI.

When I arrived for my first day, a couple of weeks ago, the first thing that I noticed was the family-like environment. It definitely is not a case of workers providing a service for the service users; it is a friendly place with a warm, home-like atmosphere. Straightaway I felt at ease. One of the things that really touched me, and still does every day, was the relationship between the kids and the team. There is so much respect from both parties. I really appreciate seeing this; it says a lot about both the kids and the workers.

The people that make up the team in MEFI are some of the most genuine, humble and lovely people I have ever met. It is such a privilege to work alongside them and learn from them. I have only been here a few weeks and I have already learned so much from them! They give their time to God, daily, to serve him and to serve the people who live on the streets. They spend all day loving the people that society has put in the corner. They are Jesus’ hands and feet daily. They are such wonderful people – and always give all glory to God. I am so looking forward to growing as I journey with these people. God has really blessed me with being a part of this team, even if it is only for a short time.

I am also really looking forward to a few days in June when we will be going on a camp with some of the people who regularly use MEFI, the team, and a group of teenagers from America. I am really looking forward to spending more time with some of the kids and having a fun few days out of the city. Please pray that God would use this time to open doors and give us opportunities to talk about Him, and share even more about our faith.

Training with the Mexico team - Leslie & Brenda Reid, Jonny Forsythe and others

The next few months provide a great opportunity for me to serve, but also to learn. I pray that as I press in closer with God, that I would see more opportunities to grow and learn at MEFI. I am so thankful for this time I have here and so excited to spend the next three months involved in the work in Mexico City.



Supporting Street Children in Colombia

Over the past year God has placed a burden on our hearts to further help the many little girls in Bogota, Colombia who are poverty stricken and at risk of being abandoned to a life of begging, hunger, crime and abuse on the streets. We need your help to raise the necessary funding to rescue little girls like Karen and Valerie, in the photo above, and bring them into a “Hope House 2” residential home where they will be shown much love and provided with both physical and spiritual food.

We have therefore decided to undertake a 50 mile sponsored walk to help with the funding for this property.
All money raised will help Mission Possible purchase such a home and give little girls hope for a brighter future.

Click here to read more about why we are doing this challenge and how you and your friends can sponsor us!  To donate online –

A Frog on My Shelf

Since taking up the role of President of One Mission Society, Esther and I have been overwhelmed by the undeserved kindness shown to us. The biggest and greatest gift given to us by many supporters is their assurance of prayer. Our sense of needing God, of knowing that he’s guiding and helping and empowering us, is intense. The desire of our hearts is to serve out of an overflow of a deep love relationship with Christ while walking in all-out dependence on him.

There is a frog in my office. It’s not a live frog, nor is it an idol or good luck charm. Crafted out of metal, it sits on the shelf as if watching and listening to what is going on. Some who have seen it have commented, “Oh, that’s a cute frog. Why is it sitting there?”

Esther gave me this frog a few years ago to serve as a constant reminder of an important truth embedded in Psalm 20:7: “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” The meaning of the frog in my office is that God is fully dependable and faithful. He is completely trustworthy. Therefore, we can Fully Rely On God!

On several occasions, I’ve looked thoughtfully over at that frog. I have wondered what went through the minds of Abraham and Sarah when God told them in their old age that they would have a son. Really? Sarah, realizing her child-bearing years were well behind her, laughed at this idea. But God was reliable … a son was born!

What did Joseph think about the trustworthiness of God when his jealous brothers threw him into a desert cistern, leaving him there to die? He had to wonder if God had also abandoned him. Yet, many years later, in a face-to-face encounter with those same brothers, Joseph was able to say with conviction, “ You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today” (Genesis 50:20). God was fully trustworthy.

Then, there’s the story of Moses leading the people of Israel out of Egypt. As they were camping by the sea (Exodus 14), they looked back in horror to realize that the Egyptians―all of Pharaoh’s horses and chariots, horsemen and troops―were closing in on them. The Israelites were terrified and cried out to Moses, “Is it because there are no graves in Egypt that you have taken us away to die in the wilderness? What have you done to us in bringing us out of Egypt? For it would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in the wilderness.” They had concluded that Moses and the God he represented were unreliable, that they couldn’t be trusted.

Moses replied, “Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will work for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again. The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent (Exodus 14:13-14). God was again faithful and totally trustworthy. By his power, the sea parted and the Israelites walked through on dry ground. As the Egyptians pursued them, the waters flowed back and covered them and their horses. Not one of them survived. “And when the Israelites saw the mighty hand of the Lord displayed against the Egyptians, the people feared the Lord and put their trust in him and in Moses his servant” (Exodus 14:31, NIV). God was fully reliable.

We can be amazed at these and many other biblical accounts showing the trustworthiness of God. But the real test comes when we find ourselves in what feels like an utterly hopeless situation, when the odds are overwhelming and it appears that God is inattentive, that he has shut his ears to our pleas or has even abandoned us. It’s in these kinds of critical times, which are common in our earthly journey, that the frog in my office reminds us of this: We can Fully Rely On God.

God has been reliable in the past, he is fully trustworthy today, and we can count on him fully as we move forward. In many OMS publications are stories depicting radical dependence upon this faithful God. They call us to trust him when most would feel like quitting, when human hope has dissipated. We all face those moments. The big question for us as an OMS family is this: In times like these, will we F.R.O.G.?

Thank you for welcoming Esther and me into this very special family! If you’re ever in Greenwood, you’re welcome to come see my frog.

Bob Fetherlin
President, One Mission Society

Gap year placement

Miriam is from Cardiff and currently a student at Cardiff University studying languages.  As part of her degree, she has the opportunity to spend a year abroad. She has spent the last six months in Italy serving with `Youth for Christ’ and on April 5th leaves the UK for Mexico to serve with OMS until August 2015. She will be based in Mexico City and live in an OMS family home.  She will be involved with the MEFI project (reaching out to street kids in the city) and will help at the drop in centre.
Miriam writes, “I am really excited to be able to serve God in Mexico and be a part of the work there.  Please pray that God would help me through this time of transition and that He would be the foundation of all that I am.  Pray too for safety as I travel and serve in Mexico, and that God would use me for His glory.”
You can read more about MEFI online at
To support Miriam during her time in Mexico, gifts can be sent to the Manchester Office, or by on-line giving at

Audio Bibles for Mozambique

“How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!” Romans 10:14-15 NKJV

Melvin and Sharon Kelly, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit responded to a need in Mozambique to reach out in love to a section of the community that had previously been overlooked by the church – the disabled. ‘Helping Hands’ was born to reach these people in love and give them back their self respect and a sense of independence in their lives again. Since then, hundreds of wheelchairs and other aids have left the UK bound for Mozambique.

This ministry has brought another need to the forefront. Many disabled people in Mozambique are illiterate. How can illiterate people read the Good News of the Gospel for themselves?  Simply by placing into their hands an ‘audio bible’.  At the October 2014 Cabinet Meeting, Men for Mission decided to adopt ‘Audio Bibles for Mozambique’ as a Project. These solar power Bibles cost £20 each, and if you would like to donate to this project you can give through the Manchester Office to ‘Community & Ministry Development project No.407660’.

Would you like to come and see this work in Mozambique for yourself?  We are planning to send a ‘Helping Hands’ team in March 2016. Come and be part of this Mission trip!!

To register your interest and receive further information when itineraries are confirmed, please email Robin at

Is anyone listening?

Storly & Kate Michel, OMS missionaries, write, “Sometimes we wonder who is listening to Radio 4VEH, and what kind of impact the radio programs are having. After all, our goal is that people’s lives will be transformed as they listen and respond to what they hear.
In January, Storly met a listener in Phaeton, an old factory town of a few thousand people living with no electricity, on the coast of north east Haiti.
Storly said: I was walking around the village, checking on our evangelism and solar radio distribution teams. As I passed a one-roomed home, I noticed an old man sitting alone inside. He was listening to 4VEH on a solar radio. One of our teams must have given him this radio already. We started talking. I said “I see you have a radio. It’s great that you’re listening to 4VEH.”

Ethius has heard Storly's voice on the radio for so long. It's a voice he trusts. When he realises the man visiting him is Storly, he starts crying!

He told me his name is Ethius. He said, “I’m so very grateful for this new radio because my eyes are bad, I can’t read anymore. But I can listen to the Bible now.”  He showed me his well-worn Bible. He’s a believer in Jesus, and used to be a deacon at church. But now his eyesight is fading and he can’t read anymore. Limited in what he can do, he knows the radio will be a constant companion.

Ethius with Storly Michel

While we were talking, one of the guys from the local church came in and asked him, “Do you know who you’re talking to?”
He said “No, …we were just talking.”
The guy from the church told him, “That’s Storly.”
And Ethius said: “Storly Michel??!?”
[Storly’s voice is well-known in Haiti, as he’s the voice of Bib la, the daily Bible reading in Haitian Creole; of Atravè Labib, the Thru The Bible study from Genesis to Revelation radio programme; the director of Radio 4VEH.]
Ethius’ response?  He started crying.
He said “Thank you God, I’m so happy. I never knew I would meet Storly Michel in my life. And now here he is, I’m talking with him. Thank you God!” “God sent you to me today!”

This lady has a fantastic smile, doesn’t she? It took a while for that smile to show. We met her in the village of Leroux Cachiman, about an hour’s drive north east of Cap-Haitien in the back of a truck, as we worked with the church there going door-to-door (or more accurately, yard-to-yard: if people in Haiti are at home, they’re usually outside during the day, busy washing clothes in a plastic bowl, preparing food on the outdoor charcoal fire, or looking after small children.)
When we started talking with this young mother about God, and if she knew Jesus, she was reluctant to talk, not wanting to make eye contact. It turned out she was ashamed because the father of her baby had left her, and she thought God wouldn’t accept her now. This false concept is very common in Haiti, and elsewhere. As we continued to talk with her family—her mother, father and several younger siblings in the yard—her mother prayed a simple sinner’s prayer, asking Jesus to forgive her and be her Saviour. The daughter’s face softened as one of our team, Keri, on a short-term missions trip, shared with her (through a translator) that no-one is beyond God’s grace. There is nothing too bad that it can’t be forgiven if we ask him. It touched a chord in her, and she committed her life to Jesus.
On that day, 55 people in the village of Leroux Cachiman made Jesus Lord of their lives. And regardless of their decisions about God, we left new solar radios with each family we talked with, to bless and encourage them by the daily broadcasting of Christian Radio 4VEH, and the New Testament in their own language.”

Radio 4VEH is a ministry of One Mission Society and faithfully supported by mission teams through Men for Missions. Radio 4VEH has been broadcasting since 1950 to reach Haitians for Christ and transform lives and society through the Holy Spirit. Each solar radio, fix-tuned to Christian Radio 4VEH, and loaded with an audio New Testament in Haitian Creole, is delivered to a family in Haiti as they hear the Gospel.

If you feel prompted to support this ministry to get 160,000 radios sponsored to minister to one million people in Haiti every day, donations can be sent to the Manchester office (cheques should be made payable to `OMS’ and marked for Project RESHO), or why not join a short-term team to Haiti?
If you would like to receive regular news from Storly & Kate, we can add you to their Prayer Letter mailing list.
Visit and to read more testimonies, and find out how you can be involved in this ministry.

Visit to Mozambique

The faint buzzing of a mosquito somewhere in the bedroom was not a good start to my first day in Mozambique. I knew it was there and it was after my blood, but if I could get it first I thought I may get a night’s sleep. Sadly, I lost the battle and it, along with a host of other critters, feasted on my Welsh blood for 2 weeks! However, that was all part of this great experience of visiting Africa. I had never before visited the vast continent, so with fear and trepidation I, along with Pastor Phill Evans of Newbridge AoG church, boarded the flight at Heathrow bound for Maputo. Upon arrival, we were met by our OMS workers and taken to the OMS compound where we were soon introduced to the mosquito population! As well as that, we met the rest of the Team: a great group of individuals from different parts of the world endeavouring to unite behind the message of the gospel. Through a variety of ministries, the Team is facing challenging conditions in order to spread a little of the love of Jesus in Africa.
A variety of experience for all the senses takes place as one journeys around Maputo and its environs. The acrid smell of raw sewage, the heat of a tropical sun, the sight of waste disposed of on the side of the road, the feeling of hopelessness in the lives of many torn apart by years of conflict and difficulties caused by natural disasters. Yet, despite this, Mozambique feels like a country with a future; investment from the Far East is slowly making a difference and tourism is something the country surely needs to invest time and money in as the beaches are beautiful and the sun is hot.
But what of our visit?

Can you spot the Kelly and Davies families, Chris Palmer, and Phill from Newbridge?

Maputa students with Steve Davies-Seminary Director

It was a great privilege to attend the OMS annual staff retreat a few hours drive outside the hustle and bustle of the city. Spending quality time relaxing, getting to know our Team, and sharing from the Word of God, was a blessing. Phill ministered from the early chapters of Revelation and I shared around a communion service. It was an oasis in the struggles of life in Mozambique.
Following the Retreat, I was involved in teaching at the Maputo Biblical & Theological Seminary; my subject being `Lessons from Revivals in Religion’. 18 eager students gathered each morning for 5 days to learn from Church history and to endeavour to apply those lessons to their present situation. With the day starting with breakfast at 4:30 am, leaving the house at 5:30, arriving at the college by 6:15, and teaching from 8 – 12 is a rather ‘topsy turvy’ way of life. However, that’s how it rolls, and so as a visitor one just tries to adapt and stay awake long enough to fulfil the class time.
Whilst I was teaching at the college, Phill was involved with a variety of ministry opportunities: visiting the Helping Hands Project; speaking to children at Christian Academy; supporting the football outreach programme; preaching at a local church; attending a local Pastor’s prayer meeting; and assisting in the home schooling of one missionary family.
Please pray for the Team in Mozambique; it is a country with many obstacles, but also with the great opportunity for people to impact lives for the sake of the Kingdom.
Chris Palmer
Regional Director Wales & West of England & OMS Theological Education Team (TET)