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Theology Teaching in S.E. Asia

In October 2015 I had the opportunity to serve the Lord for a second time in South East Asia and returned to the OMS Bible Seminary.  colinLast year I undertook a couple of seminars, this time I taught for a week, delivering a module on Biblical Leadership to 4th year BA students.
The students are so enthusiastic to serve the Lord and love getting to know God and His ways through studying the Bible and spending much time in prayer, fellowship and worship. From complex essays, to developing a group role play on pastoral care of the Lost Sheep (Luke 15) through the Good Shepherd (John 10) they participated with hard work and frequent hilarity.
The opportunity arose to preach at a local church, where the minister was one of the first Seminary students many years ago! It is wonderful to see how the preparation for ministry has produced such wonderful fruit and is still doing so for future generations.
During my time in the SE Asia, I met up with OMS missionaries from the UK and other countries and was able to see their ministries as they taught children, supported local churches and reached out to the health needs of local people. I saw new OMS workers on crash language courses, and the exciting work of former Seminary students in new unreached, remote communities; the family community of OMS workers as they supported each other in whatever way they could. I was able to encourage them through prayer and God’s Word.
Thrillingly, I spent ten days with a former student, including a visit to a small island where people were being touched by the love of God’s people through the provision of both physical water using a self-sustaining river-powered water pump, and spiritual water through the work of a local evangelist. Nigh on whole tribal villages were turning to faith in Christ.
God is truly building His Kingdom in South East Asia and preparing His servants for the many hard battles ahead. Pray that the students will have strong foundations to withstand the attacks of Satan and the skills, love and power to proclaim the gospel fearlessly and wisely.
I am so pleased that God has equipped and used me to prepare His workers and I hope to return to SE Asia to teach the students in the near future, and would also love to teach at other seminaries as needed.
Colin Jones – Volunteer Theology Teacher
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United In Mission

Dervock Presbyterian Church is a community of God’s people on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland. So, why do we support the ministry efforts of One Mission Society in Hungary and the establishment of their ministry centre?

OMS Hungary seeks to be an early church example

Our church in Ireland seeks, with God’s help, to be a “well” church. Our vision is based on Acts 2:42-47. We seek to be worshipping, evangelizing, learning, and loving. These are all expressions of faith that will be lived out and practiced in this new ministry centre in Hungary. Acts 2 is very clear—the church is to be a community of God’s people. This new vison is about being and building community. How did God bless the community of Acts? “He added to their number those who were being saved.” This is also the goal and vision of OMS Hungary.

OMS Hungary is dependent on churches (like Dervock Presbyterian)

We as the church must help causes like this because organizations like OMS need the help of Christians around the world. Maybe there are some reading this that are not in a position to give, but the field also needs and covets our prayers. I am thankful that this activity is partnership in the Gospel. Not only do I hope the project will be completed, and the people will hear of God’s salvation, but I hope that my own congregation will be spurred on in their missionary interest; we are dependent on this type of project because it keeps congregations like ours fixed on the bigger picture of mission around the world and keeps our eyes fixed on the Lamb by praying more, especially for this cause.

OMS Hungary works on the behalf of churches (like Dervock Presbyterian)

We as a church give thanks to God for this type of initiative. Many in our congregation are rural farmers with major commitments to their livestock, livelihoods, and families. They know they cannot drop everything and go, yet, we are grateful for the team working in Hungary, essentially on our behalf. We cannot go, but it is our responsibility to support those who have been called and given up much to see God’s Kingdom extended. Paul said that God would put the fruit of his own ministry to the account of the church in Philippi. We want to be as involved in Hungary’s vision as the church in Philippi was in Paul’s vision.


OMS Hungary is sharing the Gospel with people

As an evangelical church, we desire above all else that Jesus Christ be known across the world. One individual can only do so much to spread the Gospel in the world. Yet, through church mission involvement, we are privileged to gather our resources out of our abundance to help fund the spread of the Gospel throughout the world, in particular, Hungary. God wants the world to know about Christ. He has chosen us as individuals and as churches to share that Gospel with others.

We (Dervock Presbyterian) are commanded by Almighty God to help

Before returning to glory, our Lord Jesus gave the church an emphatic command. We are to go into the entire world with the Gospel! As a church, we have sent members of this congregation to Hungary to participate in short-term missions. We also can pray, which we do often in our midweek services and prayer meetings; but what is most needed by the field right now is our financial support… so we give. Paul says to the church in Corinth, and perhaps he’s saying to you, today “See that you also excel in this grace of giving.”

Hungary4By Rev. Scott Moore, Minister of Dervock Presbyterian Church and Summer    English Camp volunteer.



Sharing the Gospel in the Republic of Ireland

With only 0.44 percent of the population of the Republic of Ireland claiming to be evangelical Christians, it is the least-evangelized English-speaking nation in the world, and the Irish are considered an unreached people group. Currently, 70 towns in Ireland with a population of 5,000+ people have no evangelical witness. Approximately 27 percent of the population consider themselves atheists, with no belief in any god or religion.

Jonny and Julie Pollock, OMS missionaries from Northern Ireland, didn’t want to go to the Republic of Ireland, but God had other plans! A friend asked them to research Christianity in Ireland. While doing so, they met Stephen Williamson (former OMS Ireland Field Director), who introduced them to Paudge Mulvahill (director of Calvary Mission, an OMS partner in Ireland). They visited County Mayo and were burdened by the need there. After seeking the Lord’s will for their lives and speaking to mentors and loved ones, they applied to serve in Ireland with OMS.
Jonny and Julie are passionate about discipleship and seeing people grow in their faith. But in Ireland, with so few believers, their main role is evangelism. They work with Calvary Church Westport to reach into the West of Ireland, beginning by building relationships in the local community. They look for basic opportunities to share the Gospel with every person they meet, whether it is in a coffee shop or at the school gates. They also have helped develop a few other ministry opportunities, in relation to building up believers in their faith, as well as preaching and teaching.
The Pollocks desire to be faithful to God and His Word. They labour at sharing the Good News with those who have not read much of the Bible and have less of an understanding of the Gospel. They are both passionate about communicating the Truth of God and are excited about the opportunities He is giving for them to do that. Just a few weeks ago, a young mother began coming to the church, and has since trusted in Christ for salvation. Praise God!
Jonny and Julie, along with their three sons, Benjamin, Joshua and Caleb, arrived in Westport, Ireland almost 8 months ago. They are still settling in and figuring out their new roles. Please pray for God’s peace and guidance. They would also appreciate your prayers for Benjamin and Joshua as they settle into the routine at their new school. And pray that the Lord will open the hearts of the people that they come in contact with – that many will be won for Christ.

The Pollocks first served with OMS in Mexico City on a short-term trip in 2006. They then returned to Mexico and served from 2007-2009.


Here to stay in Hungary

Back in 1989, Hungary was a part of the movement that helped set in motion a series of dominoes that ultimately led to the fall of the Iron Curtain. That was when Hungary first opened its border to the West. It allowed visitors from East Germany to cross over and visit friends and relatives in Austria and West Germany. Once this was done, East Germany had to open its own border. Thousands of people began to stream into the West.
Soon, Communist governments throughout the Soviet block began to crumble, and the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain came down. In 1990, Hungary held its first free elections. In 1997, it became a member of NATO. On May 1, 2004, it joined the European Union.
Much has changed since Hungary first opened it border to the West. And the country continues to change at a rapid pace. For one thing, Hungary is going through a cultural revolution as a new generation grows up with no memory of what it was like to live under a Communist dictatorship. These young people have very different expectations and a very different way of looking at the world than do their parents and grandparents. So, where is Hungary now? Where has it come over the last 25 years? And where is it going?
OMS has been in Hungary since August 1992. In 1994, we began our summer English camp program in cooperation with the Hungarian military. For many years, we worked alongside the military, teaching English to students in secondary schools. God did amazing things through this ministry, and great fruit was born from these labors. Most of our young Hungarian leadership of today came to know the Lord through our camp and English ministries. Eventually, when Hungary joined NATO, it closed all of its secondary schools. Nevertheless, our English-based ministries have continued and have gone in several new directions. This has led to new needs, including a “home” of our own — a ministry centre.
A dedicated ministry centre would not only give our team a valuable home for its English clubs, youth ministry, and other developing ministries, it would make an important statement to the people of Hungary, especially to the younger generation. Such a centre would tell the people of Hungary that we are here to stay, and that we are not another fly-by-night organization that has come to take what we want and then leave. Stability, accountability, and commitment are all very important to the Hungarian people. These things provide the foundation for trust and cooperation.
Our team now has the opportunity to establish its own ministry centre. We purchased a run-down building that once served as an artist’s studio. It is in a wonderful location, just a stone’s throw from several major public transportation lines. And it offers a wide range of possible uses. But it is in great need of a complete renovation. Would you consider helping us bring this project to fruition?

By Will Dickerson, Former OMS Hungary Field Leader


Update from Pam in Haiti

I have been in Haiti since September, teaching various courses at the Seminary, and have now started my last month, teaching two two-week intensive courses, which I usually do each year.   The present one is Systematic Theology, and the final one will be on the Last Things.  I have a house to myself, and have been doing much of my own cooking, including baking bread (with varying success), so it has been more of a challenge than in previous years, but I have enjoyed the time very much.
After a few health problems at first, I have kept well, although I am having pain in my leg.  I had a knee replacement last year, and I think my hip will need surgery as well.  I would appreciate prayer for that, please, as well as for time and strength to keep up with the work, which is quite time-consuming.  I am also helping to improve the library.

A few students did poorly in two of my earlier courses, and they will do a re-sit test soon, so please pray that they will reach a pass standard this time.  Some of the first year class were especially weak, not knowing even basic facts about the New Testament.  This made me realise again how much our training is needed, since they have been taught so little in their churches.  My present class (second year) seem to know a lot more, and they ask some thoughtful and challenging questions.  Please also pray for the empowering of the Holy Spirit to enable me not just to teach facts, but also to be His channel to challenge and encourage. Thank you all for your ongoing prayers.
Pam Simpson

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Moscow Seminary – Matryoshka

Sasha Tsutserov (Director, Moscow Seminary) writes,
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ at One Mission Society UK,
Being a Russian I thought I knew everything about Matryoshka, the Russian nesting doll!  Little did I know  … students at the Moscow Seminary readily explained to me that Matryoshka:-
•    Symbolized that “in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others,”
•    Stood for “the inner, local and global church built upon each other,”
•    Represented a “graduate of the Seminary ‘pregnant’ with disciples of Christ.”

Some clever guys even protested, “Why is she a girl?  The boys-to-girls ratio at the Seminary is 5/1 !”

Beats me  … I only meant to say that your investment in the Moscow Seminary produces a whole lot more than Matryoshka does, as we train 220 ministers on your support!

To multiply the effort in reaching Russia with the Gospel (at better than Matryoshka rate):- your support is most welcome.

To donate to the students at the Moscow Seminary, please make cheques payable to `OMS’ and send to the Manchester office, quoting ‘301710 Moscow Seminary’. Donations can also be made online at

Teachers Needed!

Wesley Christian International School

Wesley Christian International School for english speaking children of missionaries in Indonesia urgently requires people to fill the following roles for the 2016 – 2017 school year;

The roles include Librarian, Computer and IT Teacher, Elementary Teacher 5th Grade, Elementary Teacher 3rd Grade, Secondary English Teacher as well as other teachers.
Click here for more information on each role and visit the school website here.

Snail mail to Email

Thank you for all your support and generosity towards our work. As a Charity, we want to be responsive to change and to grasp every assistance God places in our path. One of these that we are actively seizing, is a change in the way we distribute our material. We want to be not only responsive, but responsible to God for His provision, care and kindness. Our aim is to try and move more of our communications to electronic means, rather than paper, to help the environment and our finances, and importantly to get the Gospel and our message to more people, more quickly.

Each email contains the `at’ sign, @. If you can imagine this is like a postage stamp, because each email that we send out saves the Mission at least 50 pence. It means that we can get information, questions, and the Gospel out virtually immediately rather than through the postal system. In turn, the information can be shared more easily by forwarding to friends and family.

You may already have contacted us, but especially this Christmas consider the `at’ sign @ as a special gift to OMS and let us know if you can, and would, prefer to receive our prayer letters/literature by email rather than by post. This gift will particularly benefit our missionaries and our work for the Kingdom.

Thank you for your assistance and participation, and may you all have a blessed, peaceful and Spirit-filled time @ Christmas.

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An Example for the Believers

Sitting around a dining room table with cups of tea, walking along the Dnieper River, or going on a retreat at a camp outside Kiev, young Ukrainian believers are learning to minister to one another as they grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. Each week, they meet together in homes for Life Groups to encourage one another in Christ. They take turns sharing responsibilities, preparing ice breakers, leading Bible studies, selecting songs, and praying for one another.

Everyone has busy schedules with either university studies or full time jobs. Finding ways to equip these young believers with knowledge and skills for ministry is a creative adventure in theological education, working in partnership with the OMS missionary team in Ukraine. Just as the Ukrainian believers follow the early church model of house churches, we are following the example of Paul’s methods for leadership training and discipleship. Paul wrote letters to teach and to encourage the new believers. We are also writing. Rather than letters, we are developing a series of lessons that give biblical answers to questions such as: “What will happen at the end of time?” “Who is the Holy Spirit?” “What is worship?” “What is sin?”

Paul travelled and made personal visits to encourage new believers. In October, I had the privilege of making my third trip to Ukraine to share in a weekend retreat. I was asked to teach about developing our friendship with God through the practice of spiritual disciplines and to lead a discussion on what it means to be community in Christ. Each time I return, there is a deepening bond of trust. We discuss joys, questions, and concerns over cups of tea. This is the life-on-life model of theological education that Jesus modeled with his disciples.

These young believers represent the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to transform lives through their personal testimonies and outreach to others. They represent the hope of things to come as the Kingdom of God extends across Ukraine. As Paul encouraged Timothy, let’s pray that they will receive and live out these same words of encouragement: “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity” (I Timothy 4:12, NIV).
By Colleen Fitch, OMS Theological Education Consultant for Europe

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21st January – 14th February, 2016

Would you like a life changing experience?
Are you willing to let God use you to bless others?
Prayerfully consider being part of our team journeying to Russia in Winter.
Men for Missions, the laymen’s voice of One Mission Society, need a combination of specific trades-people and those with building experience.

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