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Cyclone Idai hit Beira during the night of 14th to 15th March bringing widespread devastation to the city and wider region.  Reports indicate that about 90% of the buildings and infrastructure has been adversely affected in Beira, the second largest city in Mozambique.  While the cyclone savaged all in its path and left most of the region under water, the sheer amounts of rainfall further inland, as far as Zimbabwe, has severely compounded the situation.  Beira and much of the surrounding areas have been left cut off without any means of communication nor access with so much infrastructure destroyed including roads, bridges, electricity lines and mobile phone masts.
This natural disaster has led to a huge mounting humanitarian crisis and a rising death toll by the day.  We appeal for your prayers for the estimated 1.7 million Mozambicans that have been directly affected.  Pray also for those also affected in Zimbabwe and Malawi.
OMS ministries and missionaries are based further south in Maputo (1000km) and have not been affected by the cyclone, except for members of an OMS-related church in Mopeia, Zambezia province who lost their homes, belongings and crops.
We are preparing to respond in solidarity with those affected and intend to join forces with mission partners in the region to offer relief and support for the rebuilding of people’s lives in the worst affected areas, and your support is greatly appreciated.

To make a donation via our website click here. Please quote MOZDR (402600). Cheques, made payable to `OMS’, can be sent to the Belfast Office. Pray that doors would open for the Gospel to be shared in Word and deed by Christians locally and globally. Colossians 4 v 3.






On April 16, 2016, the southern coastal province of Manabi, Ecuador was hit by a 7.8 earthquake. The death toll was 676, with over 16,000 injured and 2,000 who lost their homes. There was widespread damage in the province, but one of the worst-hit areas was Manta.

One Mission Society responded immediately by taking in bags of supplies, water, and clothes to those in Manta. Along with our local church there, Jesus Christ is the Answer, we ran a two-month soup kitchen, delivering hot lunches to an average of 450 people, three days a week.

We also had the opportunity to share the Gospel with hundreds of people each day as we fed them. Many people came to Christ during that time and requested Bible studies. As a result, we have nine new study groups that meet weekly in the areas affected most by the earthquake.

We planned a three-phase ministry of relief work. We have completed phase one of the project, which was helping six churches with rebuilding and repairing the damage from the earthquake.

We are currently in phase two, which is the rebuilding of homes that were completely destroyed. We have the approval to begin building six properties. When we began this project, we had no idea of all the red tape that would be required by the government. We praise God for sending us Bolivar Conde, an Ecuadorian architect, who has taken over as Project Manager. He began construction on the first three houses in March. We are praying that God will provide the funds, so that we will be able to build 9 more houses, which will complete our initial goal of 15 homes.

Our final phase will be reparations made to homes that were not destroyed, but that had severe damage. These homes are habitable, but still need major repairs. We are hoping to be able to carry on Phase two and three simultaneously.

There are two main needs to help complete this project:
•We are currently seeking groups who would like to come to Manta to help us with Phases two and three.
•We need funds to help complete the project.

We are so thankful to all who have offered their time and funds thus far. It is amazing to see what God has done in Manta, not only with the rebuilding of homes, but also the restoration of lives. Outreach to those who lost so much in the earthquake continues, and the church is growing.

If you would like to help in any way, please contact the Belfast office  or click here to make a donation through the website quoting “Manta project”.



Singer – Meilyr Rees of Noiz Ministries
Come along and hear what God is doing in Ecuador
Refreshments include Ecuadorian Food!


19th May, 7pm.
Parish Halls 22 North Street, Upper Ballinderry BT28 2ER
RSVP Mark & Nube Vogan  Tel: 028 93039038 . Mobile 07572592229

20th May 4.30pm
St Mary’s Community Campus, Granard Rd (N55), Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford
RSVP John & Rita Vogan  Tel: +353 44 9341354 . Mobile: +353 851564914

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A few years ago, mission researchers produced a map contrasting well-lit areas of the world with dark ones. Based on the best data available at the time, dots of light were imposed on an otherwise dark map of the world. Each pinpoint of light represented a certain number of evangelical followers of Jesus. The result was a compelling portrayal of the areas of the world where there is relatively rich access to the Gospel in comparison to the areas where access is critically low.

South Korea has a heavier concentration of light than any other nation. In contrast, North Korea is strikingly dark. Knowing the Lord of the harvest does not desire for any to perish (2 Peter 3:9), what can we do to help more people in, and from, North Korea have access to the light of Christ?

Along with many other partners, One Mission Society is deeply concerned for the people of North Korea. Christ loves them and died so that they could have life. Yet, so few of them have ever had the opportunity to hear and understand the truth of Christ. By God’s grace and with his help, OMS is seeking ways to make the Gospel available to North Koreans. May the walls keeping it from them come down. And when they do, may God’s people be ready to blanket this dark nation with light!                           Bob Fetherlin, President, One Mission Society


Did you know that before the division of North and South Korea, there were about 3,000 churches in North Korea, with 132 of those being Korea Evangelical Holiness Churches (KEHC), started by Koreans trained by OMS missionaries? But during the Korean War, the churches in the north were laid waste, and the majority of the Christians fled to the south.

Dozens of North Korean pastors stayed to watch over their churches while they sent their families to flee south. Many of them were captured and suffered greatly, finally dying a martyr’s death. In the following decades of continual persecution by the North Korean government, the churches and Christians in North Korea disappeared altogether.

One pastor, who in spite of his sadness over losing his father to the communists, has devoted his life to restoring the church in North Korea. For several decades, he has embraced his enemies, the North Korean people, with the love of Christ. Because of the mission of unification in the Gospel, although he is in his 80s, he is still working hard to restore the North Korean church.

Here is a passionately written except from a letter he wrote to his father, who was abducted by the North Korean government:

What has happened to Shinuiju Dongbu Church now . . . father! Restoring that fallen church is my fervent hope and prayer. Someday a church will stand tall again in that place. Father, in that church where you shared the Gospel and pastored, I see a vision of your descendants sharing the Gospel.”

This pastor has been doing the dangerous ministry of setting up a shelter for North Koreans, sharing the Gospel with those travelling overseas, and training them to go back to North Korea. Because South Koreans cannot go into North Korea to share the Gospel, he has also been training ethnic Korean Chinese nationals and Mongolians who can enter North Korea.

There are North Korean evangelists who, in obedience to God’s Word, are risking death to accept Jesus while overseas and then return to North Korea. They are keeping the faith in the midst of persecution and danger, building the underground church and sharing the Gospel.

Among the one billion people that OMS is pursuing to share the Good News of Jesus with, there are 25 million North Koreans who have never heard the Gospel. They are waiting for someone to share with them. OMS has focused on training national evangelists in Korea since the start of the Korea Evangelical Holiness Church (KEHC) over 110 years ago. The North Koreans that we have discipled will rebuild the fallen North Korean church and bring salvation to the souls dying without knowing Jesus Christ. The North Korean underground Christians who have kept their faith through suffering will fulfil the task of being witnesses of the light of Jesus Christ all over the world. We ask for your prayers and support as this ministry is dangerous and difficult.                          Rev. Sungho Kim, Sarangnaru adviser







Sasha Tsutserov, Principal of the Moscow Seminary writes,

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ at One Mission Society United Kingdom, Greetings to you from Moscow!
Please, allow me to introduce Igor Belebeha, our new scholarship student.

Igor Belebeha’s first career was Lt. Col. Neurology doctor with the Navy. Igor accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in 1990, and in 2001 the Lord called him into ministry. At first Igor served as a pastor in Severomorks (Russian naval base above the Polar Circle … half a year day, half a year night). And then the Lord called Igor to church planting.
Igor, together with his wife and 8 (!) kids, moved to Obninsk – a 100,000 inhabitant city located 75 miles SW from Moscow. The Resurrection of Christ church plant started with two families and quickly grew to a regular 80 in attendance (and up to 180 at Christmas and Easter).
Igor wanted more people to come to Christ, though, but felt he lacked training for ministry, and so Igor got himself enrolled at the Moscow Seminary! Igor studied at the seminary for a year and loved it so much that he encouraged 11 (!) more of his church’s leaders to study at the seminary as well (as Igor puts it, “for everybody to be ‘on the same page,’ to be equally yoked, ‘equally called by God and trained by the seminary’ – for ministry”).
Igor and his 11 church leaders all diligently study at the seminary (with the emphasis on church growth and multiplication) while literally following Jesus’ charge, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you” (Matthew 28:19-20).

It is due to you giving that student-ministers, like Igor, have a chance to study at the Moscow Seminary on a scholarship. And for this, I praise God and thank you, brothers and sisters in Christ at One Mission Society United Kingdom!

To support the training of ministers at the Moscow Seminary, you can donate online here, or send a cheque, payable to `One Mission Society’, to the Belfast Office, and marked Project 301710 Moscow Seminary.


What will be the impact of OMS Global?
The impact of OMS Global will be more souls coming to Christ through new opportunities. OMS International worked within a restricted group and used a limited number of people and did a great job reaching the lost across the world. OMS Global will look to reach more partners and more associate segments to achieve the vision Bob Fetherlin, OMS President, presented to the Board of Trustees that one billion people will be given the opportunity to hear the gospel in ten years. I believe the Lord will take and move this project forward with great opportunities to see how the people of OMS, other agencies, and organizations can join together to reach that one billion people in ten years.

In the next few months, OMS Global will be discovering, researching, developing, and working together. We will need to go through the transition period of the change from OMS International into OMS-USA, but also into OMS Global. The first few months will focus on coming together, praying together, and finding out how to work together rather than seeing dramatic changes in the early life of OMS Global. From there we will move forward, develop, change, and bring in new organizations, new people, and new groups who are willing to share with OMS in the future of reaching one billion people. There are certain issues that we need to deal with such as how to deal with partners, how we deal with signatories, and how do we deal with associates. There are also new roles that are going to be created for people working with OMS Global.

With OMS Global, we hope that the OMS International affiliate countries: Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, and United States will come together as the signatories, but we will not be restricted to those six countries. We seek to have people from Cuba, Colombia, Bangladesh, and all over the world join in with the ethos of OMS Global to create a combination of resources that will reach more people and tell them the good news of the gospel.

Greater opportunities for MFM Global
The OMS Board of Trustees has also formed Men for Mission Global, which is a great opportunity for laymen to have an impact on the one billion vision. For men and women who have felt the call of God upon their lives to go on a short-term mission trip, they will take this mission forward. There are not enough missionaries to reach one billion people. Men for Missions and the utilization of laymen is a key part of moving forward.

John McLaughlin, President of MFMI Cabinet (left) interviews newly appointed Chairman of OMS Global Board, Bill Anderson

Men for Missions Global will give people the opportunity to operate in areas where there is no OMS Global involvement by working in partnership with like-minded people and organizations who accept and understand the ethos of OMS Global. Those partners will still have their individual identity but will work together with OMS and Men for Missions Global to mobilize more people. Men and women from countries not involved in any mission work can have the opportunity to come in partnership with OMS. They have a passion, desire, and the heart to be involved. OMS and Men for Missions Global will give opportunities to the people who are already being prepared. God will prepare people to take this project forward to greater things.

The opportunities for Men for Missions Global will increase and they will multiply. Men and women will help reach one billion people for Christ through this great opportunity. These are exciting days. I’ve been involved in OMS since 1978 and never been more excited than right now.




16th April 2016

Faith in Action
Help a needy family by giving towards a new  replacement home in Manta, Ecuador.  Maybe you can’t think what to give your loved ones this Christmas; read on…
Few of us will have experienced the gut wrenching fear that penetrates one as the ground appears to move in waves like water. All that we once thought safe, safe as houses and solid, is no longer.  That was Mark Vogan’s experience of a 6.2 aftershock in Manta. He says, “The vehicle I was in shook as if some giant gorilla was bouncing it like a basketball.  Above me large Mango tree branches were banging on the church roof as we loaded lunches. The roaring sound and vibrations were like 50 massive lorries passing.”
18 months after the earthquake many families still live in temporary shacks. Their homes were destroyed by the 7.8 Mw earthquake. Some  buildings collapsed on neighbouring homes. In the months following, the government demolished unsafe homes. They rebuilt some, but will do no more now. The OMS re-building initiative has begun, reaching out to the forgotten who have no other chance of help.  10 church buildings have been rebuilt or repaired. However, there are not enough funds yet, to cover all the 45 homes required.  Each 44m2 (440 ft2) basic home costs just £9408 to build; subject to price changes and exchange.
Would you give an Alternative Christmas Present to help a rebuild in Manta? Please click here to download and print the Alternative Christmas Present Certificate; select items, fill-in and send with the Total Donation to OMS.  Tick the Gift Aid box if relevant. Alternatively, a gift can be given online at It will be exciting to see how much of a home or how many homes God will provide through your gifts this Christmas and New Year.



On Sunday mornings, people from across London make their way by bus and train to a theatre in Stratford. They are not going to see a movie. They are going to church. Churchgoers include Spanish speakers from many Latin countries now living and working in London. Rev. Oscar Jimenez, a young Colombian, pastors the growing church.

In 2014, Oscar, then director of the Mission Department for the OMS-related InterAmerican Church in Colombia, traveled to London to check on a ministry. He found little fruit, but saw other potential opportunities. After the church heard his report, they sent Oscar, a graduate of the OMS seminary in Medellín, as a missionary. Soon, more than 100 people were meeting every Sunday in a hotel to hear him preach God’s Word.

Oscar baptizes a new convert

However, his stay in London became complicated with visa issues, so he had to return to Colombia. After a few months, Oscar secured a four-year student visa to attend the London School of Theology. This visa allows him to work on a Ph.D. and pastor the growing 250-person InterLondon Church, with 15 house churches and plans to plant a daughter church in Wimbledon later this year. Oscar continues to seek the Lord’s help, guidance, and strength as he studies and pastors full time.

If you would like to support Oscar in this ministry please contact OMS.


Antonio’s life exemplifies one completely turned around. In his former life, he partied, cussed, and got drunk regularly. He also stole from his family’s business and abused their trust. He came to the United States looking for a new start, leaving behind a pregnant girlfriend. He confessed, “So many times I tried to straighten myself out, but I always failed.”
Things didn’t improve in the U.S. When his relationship with his girlfriend ended in betrayal, he was devastated and consumed with hatred. His six-year-old son resented him and blamed him for the problems between his parents. In desperation, Antonio told his son’s uncle to care for the boy if he ended up in jail, as he was determined to take his revenge on his former girlfriend’s new partner.
Depressed, drinking too much, and filled with bitterness, Antonio remembers that every time he planned to do something foolish or felt overwhelmed by the pain in his heart, a Christian friend would text him, assuring him of his prayers and God’s love for him. One day, provoked by an argument with his ex-girlfriend, Antonio closed his eyes and prayed, “God, I don’t want to feel this hatred and pain anymore. Please take it all away.” With tears streaming down his face, Antonio experienced peace as God removed all the bitterness.
In July 2016, One Mission Society started a new ministry to immigrants in the United States, a network of Hispanic churches. Red Nueva Vida, or New Life Network, plants churches that reproduce themselves by planting daughter churches. Lay people within the church body are intentionally discipled in their relationships with Christ. They are then trained to make new disciples and start new groups of dynamic believers.
My wife Lupita and I planted New Life Church, the mother church in Indianapolis, Indiana, and now we provide vision and coordination for the New Life Network. In the last six months, New Life has grown from 40 to 80 members. The network has also just started two new daughter churches. Francisco and Blanca recently moved to Tampa, Florida, to plant a church, and Omar and Katia moved to Chicago to do the same there.

Lives like Antonio’sare being changed.
Today, as a growing disciple and prayer warrior, Antonio soaks up Jesus.
He leads the prayer ministry and teaches the children. Antonio and his son now enjoy a restored relationship and attend church together. In July, Antonio was baptized.
His life has been completely transformed. “I love inviting people to church and sharing Jesus with them. I speak to everyone openly about the new life I have in Christ. Many who knew my life before Christ can’t believe it.” Even his ex-girlfriend and her new partner are so amazed at the changes they see in Antonio that they have begun to attend New Life as well. Antonio prays that they will soon be reached for Jesus.
Antonio is one example of many. Others like him are being trained to plant more churches.
New Life has launched an international nine-module church planting training course for lay church planters. Regional centers across the United States will be the hubs to launch this initiative and unleash the potential within Hispanic churches across the States. The first center begins in October in Orlando with more than 100 expected to attend.
The second regional center will open in Indianapolis. Over the next few years, New Life Network will train thousands of lay church planters to impact their local communities for Christ. It’s exciting to see God enabling ordinary people to do extraordinary things for his kingdom.


Jonathan, Lupita, Daniel & Noah Morton- OMS Missionaries




If you would like to support this ministry please contact OMS.