New Friends

We have really enjoyed having 2 new families here with us having arrived from Costa Rica 2 weeks ago. One family is from the USA and have 4 kids ranging from 7 to 13 and the other family are from the UK and have 2 kids – a boy of 6 and a little girl (Susie) of 2 and half years (almost exactly the same as Anya). It has been really lovely seeing Anya and Susie playing together and loving each other’s company. They seem to communicate so well despite having so few words. In fact all the kids seem to get on really well and it has been great to see bonds being formed already between them.

Today we have found out that the UK family will be moving into a house in the same neighbourhood as us, so we’re really excited. The house isn’t quite ready however, so they will have to move into our house in the meantime, which will give us a chance to spend more time together. We are hoping the other family will be able to find a house close by too. We have spent the last 2 weeks looking around various houses in various neighbourhoods in the hope of finding the right house for each family. God is faithful and has now provided for one family, we rest assured that in the next few days He will provide for the other family.

There are a few options for what ministries the families will be involved in. Please pray for Steve as he works with both families to find the areas where their gifts and abilities will fit best. Steve has had a lot on his plate with taking on the new role of field director as well as helping the new families to settle in. And tomorrow we have a team arriving from Edinburgh to help with the work of MEFI, so it’s going to be getting even busier! Please pray for the 2 weeks the team will be with us, that they will be impacted by what they see and go back to the UK envisioned about the work.
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The sounds and smells of Machava

The weaver birds are starting to weave in one big thorn tree in the middle of the compound. It’s a noisy business: the husband does all the weaving, and if the wife isn’t impressed, they argue about it and then she just tips the nest out of the tree and he has to start again. Standards are high: a scattering of failed nests builds up under the tree, until the boys discover how good they are for lighting fires.

It’s not only the kids that set fire to things; there are some contemplative types politely referred to as the maintenance team, who sometimes brush grass and leaves together to be burned. The ground is almost pure sand, so the brushing whips up a fine dust which mixes with the smoke and hangs around the house until teatime.
Mostly, apart from the weavers, this is the quiet season.  The insects seem to be keeping their heads down until there’s more of their kind of heat and humidity, and a lot of the birds are away touring Europe.

In the night we often hear a long, low moaning, which is the warning sound of a train as it approaches a level crossing that has no gates; and then there’s the call to prayer at the popular local mosque.  But traffic noise is very little, because out here in the suburbs where there’s not much tarmac, there aren’t many vehicles either. People going to town just walk to the main road to catch a minibus. For main roads going east into town, there are only two choices, the canal road and the toll road, and either way you have to go early to beat the rush: at 5.30am it’s a half hour drive, whereas after 6.00am it will take two hours or more.

A God who walks with us and unites us

For those of you who saw our Facebook post or read the MEFI blog you will have learnt of the sad death of little Gaby a few weeks ago. Gaby is pictured here with her Mum, Brenda (or Gloria as she is now known as) and her partner Poncho. The MEFI team helped Brenda and Gaby leave the street some years back and they actually feature on our video on the MEFI website

This sadness was mixed with joy as we announced the news of baby number three with you via a special message from Nisha, Anya and their guinea pigs.

Sometimes the tragedies of life can cause you to walk through a valley of despair and to sometimes question the very essence of why you are doing what you are doing. However, we have found time and time again that God walks with us through those valleys. We don’t know how it feels to lose a child, but God does. This knowledge also helps us to reengage once again in ministry, reminding ourselves of the purpose of why we are here. The weekend Gaby died, I was preaching twice in Spanish, once at an 8am service and another at 12pm. If the two services were put together, I must have spoken to around 500 people. I had nothing in the tank, nothing to give, yet those sermons may well have been some of the most powerful sermons I’ve preached to this day, because I had to rely completely on God.

It is amazing what happens when we get out of the way and allow God to work through us. I had another one of those events recently when I took our national church president, Alfredo, and our national coordinator for our church planting efforts, Alexis, away for a couple of nights. We have a big summit coming up, where we will meet to discuss the work going on here with international leaders of OMS. Unfortunately we’ve not all been on the same page up to now regarding how we fulfill the vision God has given us for the work here. However during our time away, amongst times of laughing, eating and having fun together, a strong bond of unity was developed.

In the picture Alfredo in the middle, and Alexis on the right, you can see we were wet, muddy and sweaty! We had just been zip wiring through the jungle, which included one zip-wire almost a mile long called ‘the superman’! Whilst we had a ton of fun, it was also so important for us as national leaders to retreat, exercise together, and build the relationship between us which we know will be sure to come under fire in the future, and will influence how much God can do through us as a team.

Please pray for us at the end of this month, 28th -31st, as we go away once again for the summit. Sat around the table will be 10 leaders trying to hear God’s will for the work in Mexico and how to take it forward. Currently we have a goal of planting 2 million house churches by 2025. We are seeing God working in this kind of way in other parts of the OMS world and we know he wants to do something special in Mexico. So pray with us that the Lord will guide us during these days.

Leaving and Landing

We are enormously blessed to have the support of our family in what we do.   Back in July we drove south and were able to catch up with almost all of Steve’s family to say our farewells, and after that Katuska’s side of the family gathered in Belfast – her parents flew over for a month to celebrate our niece Astrid’s wedding.

We finally packed our stuff: five suitcases, two guitars, two violins and one laptop, that’s travelling pretty light, and there are a whole lot of things that were left behind. At last with the great help of Les and Mhairi from Stepps, and Katuska’s sister Suzanne, we set off for the airport and left without incident – even the guitars passed as hand luggage without a murmur.

We had two long flights with Emirates, Glasgow to Dubai and then to Johannesburg. The boys were determined to watch films and play games the whole time, while we just slept after all the weeks of preparation and packing.

The last leg of the journey was the short hop with South African Airways down to Maputo. A quick passage through immigration, and the customs men only opened one suitcase, and there we were – in the warm air of Mozambique at 10pm. This photo was taken by our friendly pilot out in the airport car park.

We were collected by our colleagues Larry and Gary. It’s not compulsory to have names that rhyme, but perhaps it helps. Now we’re settling in and getting to know the rest of our team, and we’re enjoying the warmth – though this is the cold season – and all the new sights and sounds of the compound and of Maputo. It’s great to be on African soil and know that this is where God has brought us to serve him.

We arrived to find our house ready for us, pretty much fully equipped. From what we’ve seen before, missionaries usually spend their first few weeks going out to get furniture and all they’ll need for everyday living; but in our case the couple who were here before, Dave and Ann Dedrick, retired just at the time we were planning to come here, and left a houseful of things for us – dining table, chairs, beds, crockery, cooker, cupboards, you name it. What a huge difference this has made!

So our first hours on African soil were welcoming and comfortable. We chose the bedrooms we preferred, curled up under the mosquito nets and slept, until the birds outside reminded us there was going to be lots more to see and do.

Blessed to be a Blessing!

We are sorry that it has taken us so long to update our blog!  The past months have been extremely busy.  We hope, however, that you have received our prayer letters.  If you don’t already receive our prayer letter and would like to be added to our mailing list, please email us at (

It is impossible for us to write about all that has been going on here in Mozambique in the past months but we want to give you a resume so you can join us in praise to God for His faithfulness!

Carlos, Tina and Joanna

‘Mãos Ajudando’ (Helping Hands)
Step by Step the ‘Maos Ajudando’ (Helping Hands) ministry among disabled people has been developing.  As foreign OMS missionaries, we have been working in partnership with Igreja Evangelica Palavra Viva so that this project might unfold in the hands of the Mozambican Church.  Please pray for understanding and courage as we seek together to advance God’s Kingdom.  Carlos recently gave up his job to partner with us in the development of this project through the Living Word churches.

Pastor Carlos’ primary role is to help our Living Word church leaders and members to understand the vision and mobilize each church to participate in the project.  We pray that every church catch the vision and touch the lives of numerous disabled people in their locality through the general witness of the church and specific involvement by volunteers visiting, befriending and helping them.

Heather Phillips’ heart to both encourage the volunteers and visit the disabled has been a real blessing.  Her expertise as an Occupational Therapist is very useful in so many respects.

Isobel & Heather

Isobel is the Director of the preschool at the T3 Church and has a real heart for disabled children.  Please pray for her and her staff as they work with the 4 disabled children she has accepted into her preschool!

We are learning new things each day about the culture and desire to shine Christ’s light into dark situations.  We are finding that many people with disabilities are not able to read as they have not been to school.  We have been able to buy Audio Bibles in Portuguese and in the local dialect ‘Shangaan’ and desire to give them to those who are illiterate so they can listen to God’s Word.  We are also learning that there is a great need to empower those with disabilities by giving them vocational skills so they can support their families.

Praise God the container arrived safely and we were able to complete all the paperwork to receive it!  Heather has been selecting appropriate wheelchairs to suit the people with whom we have been in contact.  We have so much to learn as we are doing this for the first time!  We need to listen carefully to our Mozambican brothers and sisters to ascertain the most appropriate way to give these chairs to families so that they understand God’s love and take responsibility/ownership for the chair they receive.

Wheelchairs of all types and sizes!

Thank you to all who put in many hours work to pack the container!

Melvin and Stephen McClure have been mentoring Victor as a wheelchair repair technician. This young man is a member from our church in Khongolote.


John Paul (João Paulo) receiving his repaired and adapted wheelchair today at the Chamanculo Church.

As we develop this ministry we realize more and more the vast need.  We often feel overwhelmed and inadequate but also know that this is the ministry that God has called us to and are so privileged to be part of it.  We are so aware of the need for more workers in this ministry.  Our hearts desire is for God to bring people to join us who have a calling to empower the church to minister among marginalized people.  We need people with Pysiotherapy and OT training.  Also people with practical skills to mentor those repairing wheelchairs.  Ministry in Mozambique is not easy.  Time is needed to become proficient in the language in order to minister effectively.  However we have no doubt about the need.

On Friday we had an opportunity to visit a Government centre for lost and abandoned children.  Very often children get lost in the busy suburbs of Maputo.  Until their parents are located, the children are dropped off at the centre.  Sadly, many children are never claimed.  Many other children are abandoned because of their various physical and/or mental disabilities.  With 71 children, the director at the centre told us that they only have contact with the parents of one child.  This was very shocking to us.  As we left, our brother Carlos said that it made his stomach freeze which would be our equivalent of saying that it made us sick to the stomach.  What would it feel like to be abandoned and not have anyone visit you?  What is God asking us, his followers, to do to shine His light in this situation?

Edmundo, one of the precious abandoned disabled children at the centre.    He responded so affectionately to our voices, our smiles and our touch.

Nakteko means “blessing”.  It has been wonderful to work with Pastors wives in order to disciple and teach them new skills so they can be a blessing in their families, churches and communities.  The ladies had their first opportunity to sell their items at the CAM school fun day!  This was a great experience for them.

We have been buying items to see if we can find a market for them in Northern Ireland.  We also desire to open up markets both in Mozambique and across the world.  If you would be interested in becoming a trader for us and selling some of these goods please get in touch.  Presently we are working with the ladies to hand over responsibility of this project when we are on furlough.  They are exploring the possibility if having a stall at the local craft market.  Please pray that God will bless and provide for these ladies and that this project will grow from strength to strength as we empower them to bless others.

What a blessing it was to have Stephen, Ali and Lily McClure ministering alongside us for over 2 weeks!  They taught English and IT classes to leaders from Igreja Evangelica Palavra Viva!  Stephen also helped Victor repair some wheelchairs and organised items in the container.  Together we visited various people and projects related to ‘Maos Ajudando’!

We look forward to receiving Ian and Sharon Thompson in a few weeks.  Pray for them as they prepare to come to minister here!  As we continue in ministry we need to think carefully about handing over responsibility to others while we go on furlough.  We also need to pack our house and prepare for deputation.  These are days of much transition.  We really value your prayers especially for our children as we desire to guide them through these transitions.

The Journey to Haiti begins…

As I (Leanne) type from home the UK Resounding Hope Ministry Team will be on the second stage of their journey – flying to New York.  Stage two

Yesterday, the team all met for the first time. The team consists of (L-R) Robin Sloss, Martin Brennan, Matthew McDonnell & Simon Barr.  From the beginning it was apparent God had answered our prayer for team unity! Last night they travelled down to Dublin, to be ready to fly out this morning.

Dad wrote recently how the Holy Spirit had stopped him at Psalm 24, “Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? Or who shall stand in His Holy Place” (v.3)  He wrote: “As I prepare to go on a team to Haiti, I know the Lord has stopped me here at this Psalm for His Glory and to teach me that it is all for His Kingdom and not me that I am being taken to Haiti for, I must have an open heart to see what He wants me to see and feel on this trip.”  As I read this Psalm I was stopped at verse 1, “The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness, The world and those who dwell therein.”

Praise God Haiti and its people belong to the Lord! What a wonderful opportunity it is for these men to visit the country with one goal in mind – to share HOPE through distributing solar powered radios’.

“Who is this King of glory?” The people asked in Psalm 24, and the Priest in the Temple replied, “The LORD of hosts, He is the King of glory.” (v.10)

Please remember this team in your prayers over the next two weeks. God willing they return home on Saturday 22nd June.

Pray for safety in travel and good health.
Pray that the Haitians’ will receive them, the radio and most importantly, God!
Pray too for the families who are left at home

Out and about …..

On Wednesday 15th May, Warren & Velma had requested to go and visit Alfie & Maud Kells. It was lovely to spend a few hours chatting with them and Warren and Velma reminiscing over old times and getting an update on the Kells and Hardig families.

L-R) Alfie & Maud Kells, Velma & Warren Hardig

In the evening both Warren & Velma had the opportunity to share in our church mid-week. Warren brought the vision & work of Men for Missions from around the world. Velma encouraged the women to sacrifice their husbands to allow them to go on to the mission field to serve.

Thursday night was the MFM Craigavon Council meeting. The meeting was opened up to the women, so that they could share time with both Warren & Velma. A good number of men and their wives attended and it was a very encouraging night.

We were up early on Friday morning (5am to be precise!!!) We travelled to Larne to catch the 7:15 boat ride to Troon, Scotland. It was a smooth sailing and all was on time. On the other side, we had an hour and a half car journey to Kilsyth, where the OMS conference was being held. It was good to spend time with Bill & Lillias Anderson.

On Saturday 18th the OMS conference started at 10am. A good number of people attended, which was encouraging. There were missionary reports from the South Pacific, Mexico, Mozambique, Columbia, Men for Missions and Donald Coulter closed the evening. Doug Atherton brought our thoughts around the Word during the morning and afternoon.

Doug Atherton - OMS Minister at Large

Warren Hardig - MFM

Emerging Leaders

Dear friends, apologies for sending our blog out a week late, but as you’ll see for good reasons, which you’ll read below in our short note to you all:

There has been quite a of change in this past month! As most of you know, Proyecto MEFI is a ministry of One Mission Society (OMS) Mexico. OMS Mexico is also responsible for serving and supporting the national church that was founded by OMS in the early nineties, which now has almost 3,000 people meeting every Sunday in UNIFAM churches across Mexico. One of the key ministries here in Mexico is the Every Community for Christ (ECC) programme, which

focuses on planting churches. These are house churches and are led by ‘lay leaders’. The current goal in Mexico is to plant 2 million house churches across the whole of Mexico by 2025. If each house church averages 10 people, that’s 20 million members!

OMS also runs a Bible seminary where we train leaders and pastors, there are other smaller ministries such as reaching people with the gospel through teaching English,  and then finally there are social outreach projects going on, of which MEFI is one.

There are directors who lead each ministry. However, these are overseen by a national director or ‘field director’ of OMS. Sadly, our field director has been unable to live in Mexico City, where most of the ministries exist, due to chronic altitude sickness which was diagnosed over a year ago. He has therefore been trying to run the field from a distance.

The leadership of OMS have been aware this situation is not ideal and therefore have been praying for a number of months now about a solution. Helen and I were approached a few months ago and were asked to pray about whether we may be part of the solution.

We have to be honest that initially we were somewhat reluctant to help out with field leadership as it would mean I (Steve) would have less direct involvement with MEFI. However, after months of praying that God would reveal His will for us we were reminded by Him that MEFI isn’t our baby and that if God is asking us to release some of the responsibility we had in this ministry, then He will provide the right people to take up that responsibility in order for it to keep growing and developing.  One of the verses that has been influential in the past when Helen had to let go of some of her involvement in MEFI came from 1 Corinthians 3: 6-7 “I [Paul] planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.” We believe that God is in charge of MEFI and that He has great plans for it, and all we want to do is be obedient to His leading.

So a couple of weeks ago I agreed to serve in the role of Field Director for Mexico. Jonathan Morton who serves OMS as the Director of International Ministries, responsible for Latin America and Europe. He asked me to include the following as we communicated this development in our lives and ministry:

“Mexico is ready right now to hear more about Jesus. It is a nation waiting to be transformed to the core by the power of the Holy Spirit. Within that task there are many inherent challenges. These challenges become opportunities and responsibilities when placed in God’s hands. leadership is of course one of the key factors in this task before us. I am excited and expectant about Steve and Helen’s appointment to field leadership responsibilities. Steve will be responsible for communicating vision to staff and ministries of OMS throughout Mexico. With his leadership gifts, clear call and teachable spirit I am confident that God will work in and through him to increase fruitfulness dramatically. On behalf of One Mission Society’s international leadership I want to thank you for your invaluable support and prayer for the Cosslett family. With Steve moving into this senior level leadership role this partnership becomes even more vital and the potential impact for the Kingdom of Jesus grows exponentially. Thank you. Please pray that Steve and Helen will be given wisdom, strength and peace as they seek the Lord’s face and implement His will in and through His church. We will rejoice together as partners with the coming fruit of many transformed lives.”

During my prayer times I have been challenged to trust God to provide for MEFI – (one of our concerns has been that finances are short). One day, after praying that God would provide, a supporter from the USA got in touch and said he and his wife would like to start supporting MEFI $500 per month – this was a huge answer to prayer and a real encouragement to us to keep trusting Him for His provision.

However, by no means will my involvement with MEFI cease, I will just have less direct responsibility. Helen will continue in her role, coordinating prayer, discipling street girls and giving some pastoral care to the team.

I will still be ultimately responsible for MEFI, for it’s direction and for the big decisions, but in reality, I will be leading through a Mexican director. This was always the aim, and we have seen that one of the workers – Carmen – has the gifting and abilities to be able to direct the ministry under supervision. She will be given parameters and goals that I will set and will then have the authority under my supervision to go and execute the strategy needed to reach those goals.

This is a big step for us and certainly not a role we have taken on lightly or hurriedly. It is a decision that we have made in prayer and consultation with trusted wise friends and colleagues, and we know that we will need your prayers even more than before as we take on this new challenge.

Please pray for the transition that we are going to go through and that those we work with and minister to here will be going through too and for humility and wisdom as we make decisions that have life changing effect.

A Student writes from the Moscow Seminary

Hi One Mission Society United Kingdom!

This is Dmitry Rubalko, student at the Moscow Seminary you support. I just want to report to you on your investment in me.

I accepted Jesus Christ in 2005. Since then, the Lord has performed a lot of miracles in my life. The fact that I was reconciled with my family is a miracle. The Lord gave us His peace; we forgave and now understand each other in Christ.  The fact that I got enrolled to the Moscow Seminary is a miracle, too. What was the chance for me, a simple guy from the Ukraine, to study at the Moscow Seminary? Frankly, nil. But I prayed to and followed the guidance of the Lord. And here I am, by the grace of God, doing it!

At some point of my life in Christ I realized I was called to be a missionary, to eventually become a pastor at a certain village I knew. But I also realized I was so not ready for this role (for all the knowledge and skills I had gained over the span of 8 years were all scattered and altogether insufficient for me to do mission work). And so I came to the seminary to gain firm foundations for this ministry. And I am getting just that!

Everything that is happening at the seminary edifies me, produces spiritual growth in me. First of all, I attend classes (and it takes a lot of effort to get a pass!) Second, I learn at the dorm, where I have to practice all the biblical truths that we learn in class. Third, requirements of the seminary are such that I have to be a minister at a church for the whole time of me being a student. To fulfill the latter requirement I play base guitar in praise & worship band of the Holy Trinity Church (this does not count toward ministry requirement) and lead a home church group (this does count). Throughout my life in Christ I had always attended a home church group. But it’s one thing to attend one and a totally different thing to lead it yourself! And so it is now that I really pray for wisdom from above (for I sure don’t have it myself). It is now that I really learn it all at class (for I will have to implement it all in real life settings). And, I must say – the Moscow Seminary delivers, big time!

I take Russian & Rhetoric class. It helps me to see the Scripture in a new way. I now recognize structure of its sentences which helps me to gain its meaning, to see intention of the Author behind the sentences. Besides, the class helps me to analyze my own speech, to fix my own mistakes, to speak clearly, to express myself correctly, to be productive in a dialogue, to avoid conflicts. I have learned to structure my thoughts, to make them interesting for and understandable by the audience. I take Biblical Software class. I have always been fascinated with people who were able to interpret the Scripture. I used to think that this skill was not learnable in principle (you either had it or not). But here I am, learning this skill myself – it is, in fact, doable and I am enjoying it! I am, indeed, at the very beginning of the learning curve as an interpreter. I take Discipleship course and it is but church applied theology at its best (especially our study of Nouwen’s Return of the Prodigal Son and Forester’s Spiritual Discipline books). I really think Pedagogy and Psychology course is excellent – it is interesting and helpful for the church’s settings (I particularly learned a lot from Wilkinson’s 7 Laws of the Learner). Church Leadership course was a blessing – not only it refreshed and systematized what I had already known in the area but also gave me a totally new look at the subject (particularly, from the standpoint of being a role model).

The Holy Trinity church I minister at puts a strong emphasis on Christian outreach to former drug and alcohol abusers. And so Rehabilitation Ministry course I am taking has come in the nick of time. And it’s excellent, for it helps me to understand this kind of people better and, therefore, to be more effective in reaching them for Christ. I must say, the professor for the class is a most knowledgeable, experienced, and devoted man. Such courses as Philosophy, Church History, and Church Music gave me historical foundation on which the contemporary church stands and builds upon. They also provided me with better answers to questions people ask me when I preach Christ crucified to them. Religion & Law course has provided me with rather specific and detailed information which will be invaluable when I will register my church plant.

This is what’s happening with me, in short. To make the picture more complete, I must add that studying at the seminary has drawn me so much closer to God! For to deal with the tasks I am entrusted with now I simply have to rely on Him daily, to seek His guidance in prayer every moment of my life. And, in the meantime, it is this passage from the Scripture which inspires me these days, “God Is Light; This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all” (1 John 1:5). These words give me hope when I go through all the difficulties of my life and look forward toward the future of this life and the life eternal.

I really am thankful to you, One Mission Society United Kingdom, for making my studies at the Moscow Seminary possible.

Dmitry Rubalko your student

To support  Dmitry Rubalko’s studies at the Moscow Seminary, please quote “project 301710 Moscow Seminary”.

Whose idea was it anyway ?

Jonny Forsythe writes from Costa Rica:-
Picture the scene, sat in a room at the start time of the meeting (3pm) and none of the pastors are there.  It gets to 3.15 and one pastor arrives, 3.20 one more and then 3.25 another.
Two questions came to mind, ‘When God asks you to do something, does it mean it will it be a success?’  ‘Does God have the same criteria for success as we have?’  Those were the questions I asked myself today.
Today was the third meeting that we have had with local churches about an evangelistic event in the park.  At the first meeting there were eight different churches represented, the second meeting there were six and today there were three.

So as I was sat there, I had a whole series of questions in my mind….
Did I hear God correctly?
Have I presented the idea well?
Is this going to work?
It has been a really challenging time for me because the original picture that God gave me was  a park full of people and the local churches working together to reach out to their neighbours.  The meetings have shown that the local churches have never really worked together. As it’s the first time they are together, it is going to take time to become a team.
However, my initial question was completely the wrong question.  The most important question is, ‘Have I obeyed God?’  I knew the answer to that question was ‘yes’, and therefore I had to have faith and to trust that God will use the meetings and the final event on June 8 in the way that He chooses.  The fruit of the meetings and of the event we will never truly know – so all I can do is to obey.
When the three church leaders arrived, I got a real sense that the most important thing was to be obedient to what God has asked me to do – and then to leave the rest to Him!  I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that He has told me this many times before – how quickly do we forget God’s provision?

Planning how the students at school can support the event

After a good time of discussion, both with the local church leaders and with the students at the language school, we’ve planned together how the event is going to work.  There will be a evangelistic dance/mime/drama done in different areas of the park at different times. There will be people painting faces and making balloon animals, card making for children, tracts and bible verses being given out, sports for fathers and their children and much more. All activities will take place with the aim of reaching the people of San Jose with the gospel.

The t-shirt logo

One of the church leaders has designed a t-shirt that we can all wear on the day.  The t-shirt has the words, “Con Christo un dia en el parque,” (A day in the park with Christ).
I was reminded today that this is just the beginning of the churches working together and who knows how God will use it to further develop the relationships between the churches?  All we can do is obey His leading and trust Him with the rest.
(Having made the move to the other side of the world, you’d think we would have learnt that lesson well by now! How good it is that God knows our human weakness and is a patient, loving God!)
Please join us in praying for everyone involved in the outreach on June 8 and thank God for all He is doing in San Francisco de Dos Rios, San Jose, Costa Rica.