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Appointment of a new UK Executive Director

One Mission Society is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Walter McCorkell as UK Executive Director.
We see God’s hand upon this appointment and an answer to much prayer. It has also occurred very much in God’s timing, and for His purposes. Walter comes to OMS with a 30 year career history of service as a senior manager and operational scientist within the Northern Ireland Civil Service and his professional career has brought him into contact with many professional, business and influential individuals. As an expert witness, he has a long experience of Public speaking, court work and multi-agency interaction. His professional career has taken him to some countries to help train Police and scientific personnel.
Walter is a serving Elder within the Presbyterian Church and he has been a Sunday school teacher and Superintendent, Youth Club leader and Mission Committee convenor within his home congregation of Strean Presbyterian Church, Newtownards, Northern Ireland. His experience extends to frequently taking Church services and preaching God’s Word both at home and abroad.
Along with his wife Rosie, Walter recently spent four years in full time Missionary service in Mozambique with the Africa Inland Mission. During this time, they built their own house deep in the African bush, built a Bible School, and faithfully ministered to and discipled five mud-hut churches in the area associated with the Uniting Church of Christ, American Board, in Mozambique. Prior to this, Walter has served on voluntary mission teams to six countries on three continents. Walter and Rosie have three grown up daughters, two grandsons and one granddaughter. As part of their theological growth, both Walter and Rosie have undertaken courses at Belfast Bible College, and Walter has successfully achieved his Theology degree at Union College and Queens University Belfast.
Walter, in his role as Executive Director, will work from the OMS Belfast office, and commute to the Headquarters in Manchester on a regular basis. Our prayer is that God will continue to bless this appointment, and that through it His Kingdom will be extended and grown, and the work of One Mission Society developed.

Men for Missions at Work

Glenn Pollock, David Matchett and Robin Sloss from Northern Ireland boarded an Easyjet flight from Belfast to Manchester on March 5th, 2015. Their destination was One Mission Society’s Head Office to begin much needed painting inside the building. Over the past few years a number of teams have tidied around the outside of this beautiful old house and now it was the opportunity for the inside.
We arrived at Sandileigh Avenue late that Thursday night, had something to eat, spent time chatting and then retired for the evening.
On Friday morning we assessed the work that needed to be completed and began to move things around in preparation. David and myself spent most of the first day sanding down woodwork ready for painting, and Glenn worked on the ceilings and walls.
The day went so fast as we just kept each other going and talked a lot about theology. About 5:30pm, realising we were hungry, we had a walk out to find a fish & chip shop (it was good food!!)
Saturday morning, after praying, we started painting again; we had a target to aim for – the flight back to Northern Ireland at 7pm, so we kept our heads down and the painting went on while also enjoying the fellowship. The paint brushes began to be washed from 3pm onwards and by 4:30pm the house was back to normal.
The smell of new paint filled the air. The landing, stairs and upstairs hall were shining with their new coat.
More maintenance work needs to be carried out around this lovely old house that we call OMS Headquarters in the UK.

Could you spare a day to serve the Lord in this way? Have you a skill or trade?  Or are you just willing to serve the Lord in whatever way He can use you?
Men for Missions can use YOU!   Please contact me for more information:-

Robin Sloss
MFMI-UK National Director
Skype: robin.sloss

You can read more about Men for Missions at

OMS Scotland Conference

Kilsyth Community Church
Low Craigends, Kilsyth
North Lanarkshire
G65 0BH
Saturday, May 16, 2015
10.00-3.30pm (coffee from 9.30am)

Rev Douglas Atherton – OMS Minister at Large `In the Spirit and Power of Elijah’
Mr Walter McCorkell – OMS UK Executive Director
Mr Robin Sloss – Men for Mission UK
plus mission updates from around the world.

For more information please contact Bill Anderson T: 07989 814123

A Frog on My Shelf

Since taking up the role of President of One Mission Society, Esther and I have been overwhelmed by the undeserved kindness shown to us. The biggest and greatest gift given to us by many supporters is their assurance of prayer. Our sense of needing God, of knowing that he’s guiding and helping and empowering us, is intense. The desire of our hearts is to serve out of an overflow of a deep love relationship with Christ while walking in all-out dependence on him.

There is a frog in my office. It’s not a live frog, nor is it an idol or good luck charm. Crafted out of metal, it sits on the shelf as if watching and listening to what is going on. Some who have seen it have commented, “Oh, that’s a cute frog. Why is it sitting there?”

Esther gave me this frog a few years ago to serve as a constant reminder of an important truth embedded in Psalm 20:7: “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” The meaning of the frog in my office is that God is fully dependable and faithful. He is completely trustworthy. Therefore, we can Fully Rely On God!

On several occasions, I’ve looked thoughtfully over at that frog. I have wondered what went through the minds of Abraham and Sarah when God told them in their old age that they would have a son. Really? Sarah, realizing her child-bearing years were well behind her, laughed at this idea. But God was reliable … a son was born!

What did Joseph think about the trustworthiness of God when his jealous brothers threw him into a desert cistern, leaving him there to die? He had to wonder if God had also abandoned him. Yet, many years later, in a face-to-face encounter with those same brothers, Joseph was able to say with conviction, “ You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today” (Genesis 50:20). God was fully trustworthy.

Then, there’s the story of Moses leading the people of Israel out of Egypt. As they were camping by the sea (Exodus 14), they looked back in horror to realize that the Egyptians―all of Pharaoh’s horses and chariots, horsemen and troops―were closing in on them. The Israelites were terrified and cried out to Moses, “Is it because there are no graves in Egypt that you have taken us away to die in the wilderness? What have you done to us in bringing us out of Egypt? For it would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in the wilderness.” They had concluded that Moses and the God he represented were unreliable, that they couldn’t be trusted.

Moses replied, “Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will work for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again. The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent (Exodus 14:13-14). God was again faithful and totally trustworthy. By his power, the sea parted and the Israelites walked through on dry ground. As the Egyptians pursued them, the waters flowed back and covered them and their horses. Not one of them survived. “And when the Israelites saw the mighty hand of the Lord displayed against the Egyptians, the people feared the Lord and put their trust in him and in Moses his servant” (Exodus 14:31, NIV). God was fully reliable.

We can be amazed at these and many other biblical accounts showing the trustworthiness of God. But the real test comes when we find ourselves in what feels like an utterly hopeless situation, when the odds are overwhelming and it appears that God is inattentive, that he has shut his ears to our pleas or has even abandoned us. It’s in these kinds of critical times, which are common in our earthly journey, that the frog in my office reminds us of this: We can Fully Rely On God.

God has been reliable in the past, he is fully trustworthy today, and we can count on him fully as we move forward. In many OMS publications are stories depicting radical dependence upon this faithful God. They call us to trust him when most would feel like quitting, when human hope has dissipated. We all face those moments. The big question for us as an OMS family is this: In times like these, will we F.R.O.G.?

Thank you for welcoming Esther and me into this very special family! If you’re ever in Greenwood, you’re welcome to come see my frog.

Bob Fetherlin
President, One Mission Society

Bill Burnett reports back on N.I. Conference

Little Sam Edler joins Donald to welcome folk to Glenada

From February 20th-22nd we enjoyed a wonderful OMS conference in Newcastle Co Down “where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea”.
Once again, we had a full house with many folk staying in accommodation close by. It was a special privilege to have with us this year the new International President of One Mission Society, Dr Bob Fetherlin and his wife, Esther. They both endeared themselves to all the OMSers with their friendly and gracious way.

We appreciated how Bob shared his testimony of how God led them both into mission work in Africa with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and now the work of OMS.  He set out his vision for the future of One Mission Society and challenged us all to join in, and especially pray for new initiatives.

Pastor Victor Maxwell, from Acre Gospel Mission, brought us challenging and encouraging messages from the life of Paul, the first missionary to Europe.

Pastor Victor Maxwell

Paul saw a light, heard a voice and obeyed, and continued on with a passion to share the gospel so that all would hear the Good News.

With us for the weekend were OMS Missionaries Steve and Helen Cosslett with their 3 children from Mexico and Daniel Castro from Spain. They brought presentations of their different ministries and we had messages via Skype from the Kellys in Mozambique, the Forsythes and Reids in Mexico, the Heath family and Danielle Flood-Coleman in East Asia, and the Vogans in Ecuador.

Robin Sloss reported on the work of Men for Mission, and Stephen Williamson, who is retiring as Field Leader for the Republic of Ireland, organised reports on the work in the Republic of Ireland.  Jonny & Julie Pollock shared about their call to a church planting ministry in Westport, Co. Mayo from Summer 2015.  They still need some support before they go.  We also heard from Bill & Julie Edler who have been accepted as OMS funding missionaries and hope to leave for Haiti in the Autumn.

We all left with a sense of responsibility to the Lord to continue to support and pray for all the missionaries and ministries of OMS. We look forward, in the Lord’s will, to being back next year from 26th- 28th February. Special thanks to Donald and Lorraine Coulter and all who made things go so well.


Steve and Helen Cosslett have returned to the UK from Mexico where Steve serves as OMS Mexico Field Director and oversees several ministries. Helen disciples young street mums at the MEFI drop-in centre.  This is a short home assignment, so travel is restricted, but they will be in different regions sharing updates on what God has been doing through Proyecto MEFI (street kids) and other ministries they are involved in. The majority of their time will be spent in the South West. If you would like to hear them share about their ministry, there may be a meeting near you:-

Sunday 1st February
10AM: St Thomas, Rushwick

Northern Ireland:
20th-22nd Feb
OMS Annual Conference, Co. Down
plus other events (to be confirmed)

N. England:
Sunday 8th March
AM: Chorley EFC

Sunday 15th March:
AM: Livingroom, Wallyford
PM: Carrubbers Christian Centre, Edinburgh

South Wales:
Sunday 22nd March
AM: Pentyrch Street BC Cardiff
PM: Blaenau Gwent EC, Blaenau

Tuesday 24nd March

7pm: Lodge Farm, Caerleon

Wednesday 25th Marc
7pm: Bryn Sion, Aberdare

For more information contact the Manchester office.

A Mission Without Limits – a vision for OMS’ future

I learned about investing in the future from my grandfather. One day, he was planting an apple tree. I asked him, “Why are you planting this tree?” He knew the question behind the question. “Grandpa, you are 80 years old and will probably never see one of the apples!” My grandfather answered, “I am planting this for you, not for me.” My grandfather was a smart man to plan for the future.

When I think of the future of One Mission Society, I am reminded of my grandfather. What we do now is often done thinking toward the future more than the present. The burden and challenge is to prepare OMS to carry out Christ’s mission in the shifting population and global trends we face in the 21st century.

One Mission Society will not compromise the message of the Cross or the message of heart purity resulting in a holy lifestyle. The last century’s challenge was the Gospel’s contextualization in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Our new challenge is keeping the preaching of the cross central, while allowing the Gospel to be African, Latin American, European and Asian.

The Global South will be the largest potential missionary force the world has ever seen. Our entire organization must be flexible and strategically structured when we face this challenge. The Gospel will not change; the goals will not change; but our methods, recruitment, and organizational structure must.

There are no limits to OMS’ future. We are making changes that will allow the next generation to have an effective witness and partnership with our national churches for the final harvest. People of every culture and nation can embrace and serve in the ministry of OMS because it is based not in one culture or country but in the Scriptures.

The future ministry of One Mission Society has no limits.

Edward W. Williamson, One Mission Society US Board of Trustees Chairperson

New TLC Charity Shop in Cookstown N.Ireland

OMS has been part of my life for a long time, and also featured prominently in the life of our church, and in 1986 I joined a youth team to Spain. I qualified as a nurse and midwife, thinking of missionary work with OMS. However, opportunities for medical work were limited at the time and the doors seemed to be closed.

I met my future husband, Bob, and some years later started an OMS prayer group, initially to pray for an OMS/IEB outreach at the annual Croagh Patrick pilgrimage. Over the years we have enjoyed the fun and fellowship of the OMS annual conferences and have got to know many of the OMS missionaries and staff . We were particularly impressed with the vision that Melvin and Sharon Kelly had to start a charity shop to provide funding and vocational training for pastors at the Mozambique Bible Seminary and their families.

Some years later, a prolonged period of ill-health following a 4 year career break to spend time with our children, meant that I had to reconsider my options for work.  I began to feel that God had something different for me to do and I remember praying one day, feeling a bit desperate, “Lord what can I do?”  My illness progressed over the next 21 months and I needed surgery after drug treatments failed. Less than a week after my discharge from hospital, Bob was admitted to hospital. During this difficult time we really appreciated the support we received from our OMS family and our church.

Following a period of recovery, I took some items to the Girassol charity shop in Antrim. Soon afterwards, I thought “What about a shop like this in Cookstown, our nearest large town, promoted by the local council as the “Retail Capital of Mid-Ulster”. The thought wouldn’t go away and I mentioned it to Bob. He was supportive and I also received positive responses from many others. As I continued to pray for God’s guidance I became convinced that this was His leading.

We were offered the opportunity to work under the umbrella of TLC (Transforming Lives & Communities), the charity that the Kellys set up to oversee the running of the Girassol shop. We took this as further evidence of God’s leading and, after more prayer and reflection, we accepted the offer.   God provided the means and support network we needed to get the shop up and running, and we are very thankful to everyone who gave us support during that time.

I began to think about which OMS project to support and it became clear that the Kellys’ project had been able to achieve many things through funding, but Steve and Helen Cosslett’s MEFI ministry in Mexico City had a large deficit. This ministry has always been close to my heart since seeing pictures of young children scavenging from bins or living on rubbish dumps in order to survive.  MEFI exists to help children and young people living on the streets.

We opened the TLC shop in Cookstown in April and God has really helped us. He provided a team of great volunteers who helped with preparing the shop for opening, some of whom continue to help with the daily running and we have experienced steady trading over the past months and look forward to funds being transferred to the MEFI project very soon.

Part of the ethos of TLC is to be a witness, not only overseas, but also in our home town, and we have free Christian literature available. We try to build relationships with customers and provide a listening ear. Many of our volunteers speak of how helping in the shop has been a blessing to them in their own lives.

Bob & Christina are leaders of the OMS Cookstown Prayer Group and Christina manages the new TLC shop.
If you could help in any way by praying, donating (clean clothes, jewellery, accessories, household goods, furniture and  bricabrac would be most welcome) or volunteering in the Cookstown shop, Christina would love to hear from you.
email ;
M: 075 1002 2034.

You can find out more about the Street kids ministry in Mexico by visiting