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Storly & Kate Michel, and their daughters Hannah (11) and Esther (9) will be in the UK in June.
“We’re looking forward to visiting with supporters, friends and family in the U.K. in June. We’ll share how God is doing amazing things through the ministry of Radio-TV 4VEH, the Evangelistic Voice of Haiti, the ministry we lead in Haiti, as we reach, teach and serve Haitians through media. We’ll tell you more about how we’re using radio programmes, television, solar radios, Facebook, YouTube and mobile Apps to help Haitians hear the Gospel and find help for everyday life.

Hope and Healing for Claudio

Answered prayer and physical healing are part of 84-year-old Claudio’s story. When our evangelism team visited his village in northeast Haiti, his heart was prepared and he was ready to accept Jesus as his Saviour. Our team had run out of solar radios that day, but promised him a radio on a future visit. Recently, as he walked home from his field, he met our team again, and received a radio. Pray with us that Claudio and others in his village will hear hope and help as they listen to the 4VEH radio broadcasts and the audio Bible in their heart language.”


Please pray for the Michel family as they lead this team at Radio-TV 4VEH.




From February 24-26, the OMS N Ireland Annual Conference was held once again at Glenada Christian Holiday and Conference Centre in Newcastle Co Down.

Each morning began with a prayer time for our OMS work and workers throughout the world, as well as seeking God to minister to us during the weekend.

Dr Robert Murdock, Principal of the Faith Mission Bible College, Edinburgh was our guest speaker. Robert brought four very powerful and challenging messages from the Book of Acts. The first message was on `The Antioch Church’ based on Acts 11:19-30 and Acts 13:1-3, and Robert brought out the following four points:  1. an exciting beginning, 2. an encouraging visitor, 3. a dynamic leadership and 4. an outward focus.

His second message was on ‘The Church God Used’, based on Acts 13:1-5, when he brought out three main points: 1. The Church, 2. The Call and 3. The Commitment.

Robert’s third message involved `the second missionary journey of Paul’, based on Acts 15:36 – Acts 16:13, when once again he made four key points: 1. The Plans, 2. The Problem, 3. The Pathway and 4. The Providence.

His final message was on `The Church at Corinth’, from Acts 18, when he spoke about: 1. The People, 2. The Preaching and 3. The Problems at Corinth.

(All these message were recorded on both DVD and CD and are available for £10 for a set of DVDs, £10 for a set of CDs and £15 for a set of both DVDs and CDs. All proceeds will go towards the support of OMS N Ireland Young Adults).

On the Friday evening, Stephen Williamson brought a warm and moving tribute to our esteemed friend, the late John Herron (Former OMS Missionary to Spain), who organised the technology and recorded the sessions of the Conference over many years. John’s wife, Grace, and daughter, Hannah, were with us over the weekend.

We had encouraging, challenging and informative missionary reports from: Julia Henry: Ecuador, Sharon Thompson: Mozambique, Dean Lappin: Haiti, Dr Chris Palmer: OMS Theological Training, Michael Walsh, Andy Compton, Jonny Pollock, Ciaran and June Loughrin , and Tim Coyle: the Republic of Ireland, Oscar Jimenez: Church Planting in London amongst Latin Americans, Joe and Sadie Law: Mission Possible, Colombia, Christina Bell: Mexico, Ross and Emily Coulter: South Pacific and Donald Coulter: The “Into Every Community 4 Christ (NI)” Initiative and OMS Ministry Ireland.

Many folk commented that they were blessed, challenged and encouraged as a result of attending the conference. Many of our prayer group leaders took away much prayer fuel to pray about over the coming months.  Most of all, we praise God for His presence and anointing on all the speakers over the weekend. To God be all the glory.

Donald Coulter
OMS N Ireland Regional Director March 2017






Bethel Church
Green Lane, Tuebrook
Liverpool L13 7EA

Saturday, April 1, 2017
(refreshments following the meeting)

Martin Brennan (Men for Missions)
Paul Buchannan (OMS Board of Trustees)
and Robin Sloss with reports from around the world.


28th & 29th January, 2017
Bethel Church, Green Lane, Tuebrook, Liverpool L13 7EA

Saturday 28th January
4.30pm – Seminar
The Persecuted ChurchKathy Till (Open Doors)
6.00pm – Buffet
7.30pm – Missionary Meeting
North KoreaMartin Dudgeon (Asia Link)

Sunday, 29th January

10.45am – Morning Service
China’s People Groups – Martin Dudgeon
6.30pm – Evening Service
JordanMartin Dudgeon


Congratulations to Jonny & Gemma Forsythe on the safe arrival of Noah Stephen, born December 2016 and weighing 9 pounds 11oz; a brother for Matthew and Susie.
The family are hoping to return to Mexico at the end of February.  Pray that their visas will arrive on time, and for all that is involved in the preparations over the next few weeks.




24-26 February, 2017

Glenada Conference Centre, Newcastle, Co. Down B33 0EX

Guest Speaker: Dr Robert Murdoch, Principal of Faith Mission Bible College, Edinburgh

For a booking form contact: Mrs Lorraine Coulter

Tel: 028 9334 9495 / 07939 309 509



young-adults3This year’s Young Adults weekend was another challenging and encouraging time, jam-packed full of reports from the field, fellowship and time spent studying God’s Word. This year, we were joined by three young adults from West Cork who came up to lead us in worship. They were talented musicians and led creatively, praising God for the work He has done in our own lives and on the mission field. It was great to be joined with believers from Ireland and to spread the work of OMS to others. There were various reports from the mission field, and from short-term trips from the past year, including Haiti, Croagh Patrick and Hungary.
young-adultsWe were challenged by our guest speaker, Randy Marshall, Field Director, Ukraine, who shared from God’s Word. He spoke about new challenges and insights from familiar passages in Scripture, focusing on the well-known small man Zacchaeus, Gideon and the ‘superman’ of Scripture – the Apostle Paul. We were encouraged to live lives that are so full of Christ that we should overflow to all around us; to be so full of love for Him and the people around us that it changes lives. We left the weekend with the renewed knowledge that even though we are weak people, we have a God Who is all-powerful, Who chooses to use us. What a thought!
The weekend ended with a true Ukrainian English Camp experience, which involved energetic routines, discussion groups and a competitive game of Pictionary!
It was a great weekend, as always, full of good food, fun and fellowship. But most importantly, it was an opportunity to hear from God’s Word, to be challenged by Him and to spend time in prayer for those in our world who are still in darkness, and for those who are being the light in those areas.
Emily Coulter


Men for Missions International Cabinet Meetings – N.Ireland 2016

We had a lovely spell of summer weather at the end of May/early June. We trusted our Heavenly Father for good weather as the United Kingdom Men for Missions was asked to host the MFM International Cabinet Meetings. Audrey and I had spent two years in planning these meetings and on 29th May -2nd June the planning came to a climax in the Roe Park Resort, Limavady in Northern Ireland. This is only the second time in our history that the UK has hosted the MFM International Cabinet Meetings.

MFM1We had 10 people from the USA, 4 from Canada, 1 from South Africa and 10 from the UK, all coming into to the Roe Park Resort to stay during these meetings. We were all present on Sunday 29th May, and after a good night’s sleep we began our two days of meetings each morning at 8:15 am. Marlowe Janke from Canada and Dr. Bob Fetherlin (OMS President) brought us around God’s Word each morning, and then we spent time in prayer until approximately 10am when our wives left for their meetings.

On the Tuesday night, after two long days of meetings, we as an International body travelled to TBF Thompson Ministries, Garvagh to have a ‘Fellowship Evening’ with the OMS Prayer Groups in Northern Ireland. Each of us shared who we were and where we came from. Nigel Davison brought two gospel pieces in song before Dr. Bob Fetherlin brought greetings from OMS-US and shared from God’s Word.

MFM2MFM3On Wednesday 1st June, we had a day off to see the beauty of the North Coast. Our first engagement of the day was a ‘Mayor’s Reception’ at the Coleraine Civic Centre, hosted by Mayor Michelle Knight-McQuillan. Both Warren Hardig and Audrey presented the Mayor with gifts. Warren presented the Mayor with a copy of ‘Streams in the Desert’ and Audrey a Men for Missions International Belleek mug. We then travelled to ‘Royal Portrush’ Golf Course, and stopped off at a beauty spot for a picnic, prepared by our daughters, Stephanie and husband, William, along with Leanne.

Dark Hedges

Dark Hedges

We continued to the Giant’s Causeway and the ‘Dark Hedges’ before stopping off for an evening meal at the Bayview Hotel, Portballintrae.

On Thursday 2nd June, most of our friends left for homeward flights, but ten of us stayed on and travelled down to the Republic of Ireland for a Prayer Journey to visit Calvary Mission, Westport, and Grace Community Church, Roscommon before flying home on Sunday 5th June.

We as Men for Missions give God all the glory for blessed meetings with great unity, as we as laymen take up the challenge to ‘do; go; give’ whatever God has called us to do!


Robin Sloss – MFM-UK National Director



The “Into Every Community 4 Christ (NI)” OMS Ministry Initiative was launched on 1st August 2015. The Initiative has two main focuses:

  1. The first focus was to recruit 3 prayer partners to pray regularly for each of the 80 District Electoral Areas in N Ireland. This initiative is called SOW (Saturate our Wards) with Fervent Prayer. We praise God that currently we have 240 individuals/couples/churches/Mission Halls or Prayer groups signed up. This represents well over the 240 of God’s people we envisaged praying for the initiative. To God be all the glory. Each month we send out, by e-mail or post, a letter to each of the 240 prayer warriors to encourage them to keep faithful in the place of prayer. ‘Prayer is the only adequate way to multiply our efforts fast enough to reap the harvest God desires’. – Dr Wesley Duewel.
  2. The second focus is to send into each of the 780,000 homes in N Ireland (1.85 Million Occupants) a piece of Gospel literature relevant to that area over time. This initiative is called SOW: (Saturate our Wards) with Abundant Gospel Sowing. In the 1st phase literature250,000 “No Longer Hoping” booklets written by Dick Keogh were printed. To date we have sent out 160,000 copies into homes which are located in predominately Nationalist /Republican /Catholic areas. We offer a free Bible, a copy of John Blanchard’s “Ultimate Questions” booklet and another booklet called “Two Ways to Live” written by Phillip D Jensen and Tony Payne, to anyone who requests them after receiving the “No Longer Hoping” booklet. BOOKLETWe praise God for those who have responded.  We are looking to God to provide the necessary funding to complete this 1st phase by the 31st December 2016. Beyond this, we commence Phase 2, when another batch of booklets will be printed and distributed by the Royal Mail Door to Door service. The following are extracts from the “No Longer Hoping” booklet: “For many years I had been HOPING I could earn or merit salvation by being religious, depending upon the church and doing my best. But I had reckoned I would never know until after I died if the church had done enough for me or if I had done enough to secure my salvation. Now, for the first time in my life, I was confronted with what God said in His Word. It was clear that the church, regardless of which one I belonged to, could never save me. It was also very clear that my good works and best efforts could not earn or merit salvation for me. But in the scriptures I read the GOOD NEWS – the Lord Jesus Christ did enough, through His death on the cross, to save me. ….. It was time to make a decision …. Would I put my faith in a living Saviour? …. I am NO LONGER HOPING. Now I KNOW that I will be in heaven someday. This is not based upon whether a person is a Roman Catholic or a Protestant. It is based upon the fact that ‘God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life’.”

Our OMS President, Dr Bob Fetherlin, has cast the following vision for our Mission: The: One Billion-One Opportunity Vision: We are asking God, by His power and grace, and for His glory alone, to enable OMS and our partners to give one billion people the opportunity to hear, understand, and believe the Good News of Jesus Christ over the next 10 years.

Please pray that as these gospel booklets go into homes in N Ireland that they will be read by the occupants, and by doing so will have the opportunity of hearing, understanding and believing the gospel. And as they do so, they will make the vital decision to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their own and personal Saviour.