A New Partnership

eurasia-regionAn important aspect of the work of One Mission Society is partnering with other Evangelical organisations in order to promote the spread of the Gospel worldwide. In 2015 a new partnership agreement was signed with the European Nazarene College (EuNC). EuNC is a vocational school of ministry that offers short cycle vocational education for Christian service. This means that EuNC intends to help students prepare for vocational work in churches or Christian organisations. EuNC is a Nazarene educational institution reflecting the Wesleyan theological heritage, which is in keeping with the roots of OMS. However, this does not limit the theological scope of the learning centres. Furthermore, EuNC provides the educational requirements for ordination into the ministry of the Church of the Nazarene in the Eurasia Region.

EuNC2EuNC is a multi-site school, with a general administration and many different learning centres serving the churches in continental Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In these countries, churches face particular challenges in ministry, and the curriculum of EuNC is developed with these challenges in mind, trying to be relevant to the cultural differences and specific needs of each country.

Following the signing of the partnership agreement, volunteers were sought from within the OMS Theological Education team to help facilitate some courses as part of the EuNC curriculum. A particular need was discovered, to present a 2 week course on the subject of Preaching at the Learning Centre in Lisbon. As a result, I have been asked to fulfil this commitment in February 2017. The course will be presented on 2 consecutive Saturdays and also on the Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings of each week.

Please join with me in prayerful support of this new venture between OMS and EuNC. There are many needs to be met in order to fulfil this role, especially in the area of finance, so that I can continue to serve the Lord in this avenue of ministry. Pray also for more opportunities to serve the Eurasian church through further involvement with EuNC. Europe is a very spiritually needy region, and we have a responsibility to keep the cradle of Christianity saturated with the Gospel.
In his service,
Dr. Chris Palmer OMS UK

theological-education-logoFor more information on supporting the Theological Education ministry of OMS please feel free to contact Chris: , or read more about TET on our website page


Ukraine English Camp adventures

This August  I went to Ukraine on a mission to teach English to Ukrainian university students and also present them with the Gospel. I have been on this mission several times before, and keep returning whenever I can, because it is such a brilliant way to share  the love of Jesus with others.

Although the students are young , the team is made up of native English speakers from a variety of age groups. Nobody is too old; you just have to be in good health and willing to love the students.

Although one of the aims of the camp is to help students improve their English skills,  it is as much a time of learning for the team as it is for the students. (By the way, you don’t have to be a teacher to qualify for going on this mission!) There is so much to gain from being in this camp environment, like learning about the Ukrainian  culture as well as that of the other native English speakers. It never ceases to amaze me how God brings together a team from various parts of the world, unites us, even though we may never have met each other before,  and uses us to bring His good news.

The camps are very well organised by the field missionaries, and although I am always very tired when I reurn to UK, I have had so much fun and made so many new friends.The Gospel is presented in a non-pressurised way and students are free and encouraged to discuss their feelings and beliefs.

Another amazing thing is God will take you out of your comfort zone, but will delight you with how He has been faithful in helping you to work through areas that you would normally find very difficult. There have been many answers to prayer.

After the camps, and the team return to their various countries, the work still goes on. There is quite a high success rate in helping the students to understand what relationship with Jesus looks like and many respond well to the Gospel.  Much time is invested by the home missionaries in the way of follow up work in discipleship, etc, that the seeds planted at the camps are watered and nurtured well.

I would recommend this camp to anybody who is interested in short term missions as it is the most exciting way I know of presenting the Good News.

Sandra Armsrong


Update from Russia

Dear One Mission Society United Kingdom,

I praise God and thank you for partnering with us in the venture of reaching Russia and the former Soviet Union with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Moscow Seminary!

Two aspects of this partnership I would like to emphasize this time:

First, this partnership does produce: Everybody of the recent graduating class went straight into ministry: Say, Ilya Vasilyev moved to the Sakhalin Island as a church planter (that’s 5,775 miles away from Moscow, the island being the remotest part of Russia, and so – Jesus’ “be ye my witnesses … to the end of the world” charge applies here, at least from the Russian standpoint). Pavel Sadaev travelled to the Mrakovo village as a missionary to Muslims in Bashkortostan (and I am sure you know that whatever ends on “stan” is  a trouble).  By the way, the Russian term “Mrakovo” in English means “Darkness” – what a suitable name for a place for the Light of Christ to shine upon!

Second, this partnership is efficient: It multiplies the investment as we train 111 students simultaneously. It operates in an economically sound way as we are being frugal with your money. (Some say even to the extent of being monastically ascetic. Well, true – there are no winter gardens or swan lakes at the Seminary. Why have them anyway? But what resources we do have we utilise to the limit: students worship, study, play, and even sleep in the chapel).

And so, our joint venture functions just as it is written, “Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord; seeing that His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence.” (2 Peter 1:2-3)

I prayerfully hope this fruitful partnership continues, to Him be the glory! Please, donate online via (project name = 301710 Moscow Seminary), or by cheque made payable to One Mission Society (with 301710 Moscow Seminary remark in the memo line of the cheque) and sent to One Mission Society UK, 1 Sandileigh Avenue MANCHESTER M20 3LN United Kingdom (you may also want to sign gift certificate as OMS is a registered UK charity 245124).

It’s great to be on the same team – Jesus’ team with you, One Mission Society United Kingdom!

Sasha Tsutserov,

Director of the Moscow Seminary

Dean and Lorraine Lappin, Ireland

Dean became involved with OMS in 2006 when his first mission trip was to Mozambique where he spent  several months in a teaching ministry.  Since then he has been on a number of short term trips including South Korea, India, Poland, Germany and Ireland.  Through these trips Dean knew the Lord was calling him into full time Christian service.

Since their marriage in 2008, Dean and Lorraine have been on a number of short term trips into the Republic of Ireland.  It was through these trips that God began to plant Ireland in their hearts.

Once funded, Dean will be involved in church partnerships in Ireland,    providing leadership in a church planting and discipleship ministry for the Lord.  To help him in this role, Dean is currently studying for his Doctorate of Ministry in the Irish Baptist College, Moira.

If you would like to partner with Dean, Lorraine and Faith, prayerfully and financially, please contact the Manchester Office.