16th April 2016

Faith in Action
Help a needy family by giving towards a new  replacement home in Manta, Ecuador.  Maybe you can’t think what to give your loved ones this Christmas; read on…
Few of us will have experienced the gut wrenching fear that penetrates one as the ground appears to move in waves like water. All that we once thought safe, safe as houses and solid, is no longer.  That was Mark Vogan’s experience of a 6.2 aftershock in Manta. He says, “The vehicle I was in shook as if some giant gorilla was bouncing it like a basketball.  Above me large Mango tree branches were banging on the church roof as we loaded lunches. The roaring sound and vibrations were like 50 massive lorries passing.”
18 months after the earthquake many families still live in temporary shacks. Their homes were destroyed by the 7.8 Mw earthquake. Some  buildings collapsed on neighbouring homes. In the months following, the government demolished unsafe homes. They rebuilt some, but will do no more now. The OMS re-building initiative has begun, reaching out to the forgotten who have no other chance of help.  10 church buildings have been rebuilt or repaired. However, there are not enough funds yet, to cover all the 45 homes required.  Each 44m2 (440 ft2) basic home costs just £9408 to build; subject to price changes and exchange.
Would you give an Alternative Christmas Present to help a rebuild in Manta? Please click here to download and print the Alternative Christmas Present Certificate; select items, fill-in and send with the Total Donation to OMS.  Tick the Gift Aid box if relevant. Alternatively, a gift can be given online at It will be exciting to see how much of a home or how many homes God will provide through your gifts this Christmas and New Year.

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